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for all the seperate bosses


But we have separte boss categories, on leadboards there are every boss separated. or you mean all of them together in a group

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yea all the IL's lol i think i have proposed before an all bosses category for doing all the battle 3d machine thingys bosses toghether in the less time posible, idk


Yeah I saw a speedrun about that, i thought that the category existed, but it seems that there isn´t, it would be a good idea see that cathegory

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I think a boss rush category for all the bossotronic stuff could work well, if it got requested I’d support that. I don’t think that’s been a thing with the other paper mario’s so that’s make it stand out

And for OP’s request, if you’re referring to individual categories for each boss, you can find those already by selecting them under “Leaderboards /“

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