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unfortunately the beat darkrai portion is lost forever i love stair sensor thoi!!!

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Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1Personality Test1m 19s 400ms1m 19s 400ms
2-4F Beach Cave
4m 43s 769ms6m 03s 169ms
3-ez fight
0m 30s 064ms6m 33s 233ms
4{Ch1: A Storm at Sea}my new best friend :32m 02s 337ms8m 35s 570ms
5-6F Drenched Bluff9m 00s 416ms17m 35s 986ms
6{Ch2: The New Guild Recruits}i wish i were as happy as spoink1m 31s 793ms19m 07s 779ms
7-9F Mt. Bristle13m 48s 519ms32m 56s 298ms
8-D R O W Z E E
1m 29s 129ms34m 25s 427ms
9-Wondermails9m 24s 705ms43m 50s 132ms
10{Ch3: The Scream}azurill deserves the world
2m 00s 164ms45m 50s 296ms
11-Sentry Duty #1
3m 52s 957ms49m 43s 253ms
12{Ch4: The Gatekeepers}who's that pokemon?2m 17s 154ms52m 00s 407ms
13-8F Waterfall Cave6m 57s 756ms58m 58s 163ms
14{Ch5: The First Official Exploration}glad we're never going back there! :)5m 51s 583ms1h 04m 49s 746ms
15-Wondermails3m 24s 604ms1h 08m 14s 350ms
16-Sentry Duty #29m 28s 446ms1h 17m 42s 796ms
17-12F Apple Woods12m 47s 853ms1h 30m 30s 649ms
18-Sentry Duty #313m 33s 663ms1h 44m 04s 312ms
19{Ch6: Team Skull}thank god, we're finally free8m 09s 337ms1h 52m 13s 649ms
20-9F Craggy Coast2m 40s 140ms1h 54m 53s 789ms
21{Ch7: The Guild's Big Expedition}14F Mt. Horn6m 23s 167ms2h 01m 16s 956ms
22-11F Foggy Forest5m 26s 631ms2h 06m 43s 587ms
23{Ch8: Groudon's Heart}oh no! the guildmaster is in trouble!!5m 01s 675ms2h 11m 45s 262ms
24-8F Steam Cave2m 33s 305ms2h 14m 18s 567ms
25-7F Upper Steam Cave2m 48s 071ms2h 17m 06s 638ms
26-Groudon't2m 37s 606ms2h 19m 44s 244ms
27{Ch9: The Mystery of Fogbound Lake}prettiest set piece4m 49s 113ms2h 24m 33s 357ms
28-10F Amp Plains15m 41s 209ms2h 40m 14s 566ms
29-9F Far Amp Plains2m 14s 984ms2h 42m 29s 550ms
30-Basically Monster House1m 21s 112ms2h 43m 50s 662ms
31{Ch10: Dusknoir}what are you, a cop?
3m 57s 785ms2h 47m 48s 447ms
32-15F Northern Desert9m 10s 935ms2h 56m 59s 382ms
33-10F Quicksand Cave6m 12s 493ms3h 03m 11s 875ms
34-10F Quicksand Pit2m 05s 327ms3h 05m 17s 202ms
35-RIP Mesprit0m 43s 302ms3h 06m 00s 504ms
36{Ch11: Grovyle the Thief}whoops! he took a time gear!
1m 15s 633ms3h 07m 16s 137ms
37-11F Crystal Cave
6m 57s 232ms3h 14m 13s 369ms
38-13F Crystal Crossing6m 47s 056ms3h 21m 00s 425ms
39-We Give Up lol
1m 39s 547ms3h 22m 39s 972ms
40{Ch12: The Only Option}surely we can trust dusknoir (a cop)2m 23s 899ms3h 25m 03s 871ms
41-escape orb filler missions8m 29s 210ms3h 33m 33s 081ms
42{Ch13: Dusknoir's Secret}all dusknoirs are bastards
3m 06s 710ms3h 36m 39s 791ms
43-8F Chasm Cave8m 51s 926ms3h 45m 31s 717ms
44-15F Dark Hill3m 54s 749ms3h 49m 26s 466ms
45-8F Sealed Ruin3m 35s 861ms3h 53m 02s 327ms
46-6F Deep Sealed Ruin3m 32s 667ms3h 56m 34s 994ms
47-spiritomb is a plural icon imo0m 38s 486ms3h 57m 13s 480ms
48{Ch14: Into the Future}grovyle is my friend :)1m 12s 068ms3h 58m 25s 548ms
49-8F Dusk Forest5m 36s 459ms4h 04m 02s 007ms
50-12F Deep Dusk Forest5m 29s 749ms4h 09m 31s 756ms
51{Ch15: The Secret of the Planet's Paralysis}i ship celebi and grovyle
4m 35s 745ms4h 14m 07s 501ms
52-20F Threeshroud Forest12m 04s 359ms4h 26m 11s 860ms
53{Ch16: A New Dawn}Go to Wigglytuff Guild!!
3m 34s 178ms4h 29m 46s 038ms
54-8F Waterfall Cave (again)7m 13s 380ms4h 36m 59s 418ms
55{Ch17: The Guild's Crew}what an important chapter7m 51s 819ms4h 44m 51s 237ms
56-9F Brine Cave7m 18s 594ms4h 52m 09s 831ms
57-5F Lower Brine Cave2m 09s 917ms4h 54m 19s 748ms
58-look up2m 35s 027ms4h 56m 54s 775ms
59{Ch18: Lapras}chatot dies :D3m 11s 596ms5h 00m 06s 371ms
60-15F Hidden Land8m 23s 875ms5h 08m 30s 246ms
61-8F Hidden Highland1m 37s 874ms5h 10m 08s 120ms
62-eat the stun seed so help mii god
2m 51s 035ms5h 12m 59s 155ms
63{Ch19: To the Hidden Land}grovyle dies D:4m 36s 245ms5h 17m 35s 400ms
64-13F Temporal Tower3m 57s 449ms5h 21m 32s 849ms
65-10F Temporal Spire
2m 34s 398ms5h 24m 07s 247ms
66{Ch20: The Last Adventure}but nobody ever asks WHY ray specs1m 27s 612ms5h 25m 34s 859ms
67Ending Cutscenes
8m 49s 225ms5h 34m 24s 084ms