All Cards checklist/mail chainer

a rare checklist, and a mail chain program where you tell it a mail you open and it shows you what all the other mail packs will contain. TCG bingo cards will also be at this site at /bingo.html (external link)

By BlazephlozardBlazephlozard

Rare Database

Ideal for All Cards. Will allow you to make notes around manipulations and chaining rares using Dome PC in post-game. (external link)

By gcah2006


any% NG+ file

any% NG+ is a meme category which beats the 8 Club Leaders in any order, followed by the Pokemon Dome, using a premade file. This is the SRAM I used, with 4 decks premade. Whatever emulator you use, find the 32 KB SRAM file it uses, and place this file there, with the exact same name, and the emulator should load it. (direct download)

By BlazephlozardBlazephlozard