Any% Glitchless JPN (Abraless) - June 2018

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Stat Compendium:
Offensive Damage Calcs:
Defensive Damage Calcs:
Experience Notes:
Translation Guide:
Mudkip manip into encounterless: (credit to epicdudeguy)
Wingull manip: (credit to epicdudeguy)

- Time starts at "New Game"
- Choose girl, give a one-character name

- Get PC Potion
- Save before bag, reset and manip Mudkip 148 | Naughty 24/27/10/31/31/30 (frame 680)
- Give one-character nickname, yes to Birch. Go fight Brendan (Tackle spam; reset Hasty)
- Heal <11HP, walk up to Mom for the running shoes

- Youngster Calvin: Tackle spam (finish with Mud-Slap if 1HP; heal as necessary if you saved the Potion)
- Always take a step out of grass below final Lass, even if running straight is faster, else Wingull manip will fail

- Mart: Buy 4/2
- Enter and exit center
- Enter gym and talk to Dad for catching tutorial

- Manip Wingull
- Heal <13HP
- Repel and enter Petalburg Woods

- Aqua Grunt: Mud-Slapx2, Tackle spam (finish with Mud-Slap if it will kill; heal as necessary/at your discretion)
- Get field Ether on the way out of the woods, and head up to Rustboro City

- Go straight to gym; heal <7HP
- Youngster Josh: Switch straight to Wingull and use Water Gun
> If Tackle crit upon switch-in, either reset immediately, or Mud-Slap spam. Don't heal if 2 Potions or fewer
> If T1 or T2 Tackle miss, Growl spam after Water Gun until Wingull faints
> If Water Gun crit, you must reset
> When Wingull faints, bring in Mudkip and finish with Mud-Slap, then WGx2
- Youngster Josh: WG
- Leader Roxanne:
> WG Geodude
> If 19-37HP, Growl then WG spam
> If 38-39HP, consider WG+WG then Growl on the turn she heals (assuming RTx2; if Harden, continue spamming WG)
> She has two Potions, so make sure you do NOT heal on a turn she heals
- Note your HP when Nosepass faints:
> If 1HP, fight Bug Catcher Jose either first or second pass
> If 11HP, fight Bug Catcher Jose FIRST PASS (can also combine with late Clark to keep Torrent for Poochyena)
> Otherwise, fight Youngster Joey on the way back to Rustboro
- Leave the gym and follow the Devon guy to Route 116

- Until Hiker Mike, save WG PP wherever possible (must have 3 minimum after Wattson's gym)
- Do NOT repel until you have KO'd one wild encounter (WG)
- Fight EITHER Jose OR Joey according to the considerations above
- Hiker Clark: WGx3
- Aqua Grunt: WG(+Mud-Slap)
- Jose: WGx3 (MUST have Torrent, else risk poison from Wurmple)
- Joey: WGx1-2, WGx2 (can finish Machop with Mud-Slap if red HP; Low Kick does 5)
- After returning the goods to Devon guy and receiving the letter from Mr. Stone, head to the Mart on your way out
- Mart: Sell 4 Pokeballs, 2 Great Balls, TM39; Buy 3/6/2/3 (buy repels last to save inputs)

- Take the Briney boat to Dewford, and head to Granite Cave
- In repel menu, use a Super Potion, and get the field Escape Rope
- ER out and head to gym after giving Steven the letter

- Battle Girl Laura: WG+MS (don't heal Confusion damage unless critical)
- Leader Brawly:
> X Attack+MS
> If T1 Leer/KC/ST, finish with MS (can live if low first roll and T2 BU; in this case go for critical)
> If T1 BU, be aware of your first MS roll, and if T2 BU, either MS+MS if low first roll, or WG+MS if high first roll
> If T1 BU > Leer/KC/ST, always finish with WG+MS
> Makuhita: MS+MS/WG. First MS is 3/16 to hit into heal range; if BU > heal, consider MS+M-slap+MS. Only finish with non-Torrent WG if 14-15HP
> Torrent on Machop is 17, 18 on Makuhita. Be aware of this and finish them with WG if Torrent
> Do NOT heal on Makuhita unless <6HP. AT does 5, so he will still most likely BU.
- Leave the gym and take the Briney boat to Slateport

- Can get the beach Ether for safety
- Get the Soft Sand
- Talk to Dock, then head to the Museum (yes to the receptionist)
- Aqua Grunt 1: MS
- Aqua Grunt 2: Tacklex2 (can substitute WG if Torrent), MS
- Leave the museum and head north to Route 110

- In repel menu, heal with a Potion if <20HP and you have at least 2 remaining, and equip Soft Sand
- Get the field Full Heal
- If 41+HP, save before Rival 2, X Attack T1, and reset if Growl (cannot get Growl once your attack is raised)
- Rival 2:
> X Attackx2, X Speed, Super Potion, Mud-Slap Numel (WG if no Mud-Slap PP)
> MSx2 Grovyle (MS+Tackle if high first roll). Absorb does 34-40; heal to avoid QA if <11HP
> MS Wailmer
- Get the field Revive before Collector Edwin, then enter Mauville City

- Get Rock Smash
- Get the Mach Bike
- In menu outside bike shop:
> Heal with a Potion
> Ether MS
> Teach Rock Smash over Mud-Slap
> Register and use bike
- Talk to Wally outside gym, and say yes (MS)
- Battle Girl Vivian: WG+MS (Tackle instead of WG if <4PP)
- Guitarist Shawn: X Speed, MSx3
- Heal before Wattson if <19HP
- Leader Wattson: MSx3
> If Voltorb SB or RO critical puts you <21HP, Super Potion on Magneton before finishing him off
- Leave the gym and bike north to Route 111

- KO a RS Geodude encounter if it would grant high exp (refer to experience notes)
- Repel and heal with a Potion if <9HP (if one remains; else Super Potion on Wingull)
- Cooltrainer Brooke: Tackle x2, MS, WG
- In repel menu, Revive Wingull, then head west to Fallarbor

- Get the Nugget in the crater
- Mart: Sell Nugget, TM47, TM08; Buy 3/10/11/1/8/1/1
- Head west then south across the bridge

- In repel menu, heal with a Super Potion, then head to Meteor Falls
- After Aqua/Magma cutscene, head out the south exit, taking the stairs
- When you reach Route 116, use your last remaining regular Repel
- Enter Rusturf Tunnel and smash the rock to obtain Strength
- Hiker Mike: WGx2, MS (note MS PP; if <4 after Machop, you must Strength Carvanhas/Sharpedo to make it up)

- In repel menu, teach Strength over Water Gun
- Bike back up near Fiery Path and take the lift to Mt. Chimney
- Aqua Grunt: Strengthx2
- Admin Matt: MS, Strength, MS (Strength Carvanhas if necessary; MUST have 1 MS after Archie for Torkoal)
- Before Archie, swap Wingull to first slot, healing Marshtomp if you took any extra damage after Route 114
- Archie 1:
> Lead Wingull, Guard Spec. (Bite faint); send out Marshtomp
> Bite does 16-19
> Mightyena: X Attack, X Speed, Strengthx2
> If you don't need to heal on Mightyena, X Attack again before second Strength; otherwise, KO it after mist wears off and Strength+X Attack+Strength Golbat
> Golbat: if +1, Strength+X Attack+Strength; if +2, Tackle+Strength
> Sharpedo: MS or Strength (both guaranteed OHKO; Rough Skin does 4)
- Take Jagged Pass to Lavaridge

- Herb Shop: Buy 2/2/2 (1/2/3 if used Full Heal)
- Enter the gym
- Before Flannery, switch Marshtomp back to slot 1 and heal if <50HP with a Super Potion or Energy Powder
- Leader Flannery:
> X Attackx3
> If no poison, Tackle (reset if critical), then X Attack again
> Always get to +4 before KO'ing first Slugma; can afford to stall with up to 2 X Specials if no poison after 5 turns
> Strength, Strength, MS
> Can stall on Torkoal if HP = 17-40
- Strength+MS if HP = 37-40
- Potion+MS if HP = 17-36
> Favor desert candy if already on high exp/good time
- If at least >30HP after Flannery, get desert candy (Super Repel)
- Bike/walk until you faint then enter Petalburg Gym

- Doors: R>L>L
- Cooltrainer Mary: MS+Strength+Strength
- Heal for Lori if <53HP
- Cooltrainer Lori: MS+Strengthx3 (can go for MSx3 if you're feeling lucky)
- Heal to full for Zangoose
- Cooltrainer Jody: MS+Strength (almost guaranteed)
- Heal for Norman if you happened to take damage on Zangoose
- Leader Norman:
> X Defend, X Attackx2
> Heal as necessary
> Slaking 1: MS+Strength+MS
> Vigoroth: MS+Strength (heal to ~47+HP before finishing him off)
> Slaking 2: Rock Smash
- If immediate defense drop, MS+Strengthx2 (MSx2 is possible but tough)
- If no defense drop, RS again. If defense drop, MSx2. If no defense drop, either MSx2 (possible with good rolls) or MS+Tackle+Strength
- Leave the gym and go to the house to the left to get Surf from Wally's uncle
- Bike down to the house by the water, bonk on it, then use a Super Repel and teach Surf over Tackle before getting the pond candy
- Mart: 3/1/6/8
- Take Route 102 through Oldale town up to Route 103, then Surf across to Route 110

- Repel before the Aroma Lady, then Surf to get 110 candy. If Tentacool encounter, KO with MS--DON'T try to run (even if already high exp)
- Pass through Mauville and head east to Surf across Route 118 to Route 119, talking to Steven on the way
- Enter the Weather Institute

- If high exp+desert candy and close to Torrent, consider Strengthing Carvanhas (Rough Skin does 5; can take max 15)
- If already in Torrent, can Surf Carvanhas if low on MS
- If high exp, candyx2-3 in bag manip before Shelly. Otherwise, fight at L30.
- Admin Shelly: MS, Surfx1-2 (Bite does 17-21/16-19, confusion damage is 21-25)
- On the way out, heal at the bed

- Before Rival 3, menu:
> Super Repel (unless desert candy)
> Candy if you haven't yet
> Take Mystic Water from Castform
> Take Soft Sand from Marshtomp
> Give Marshtomp the Mystic Water
- Rival 3: X Attackx2, X Speed, Strengthx3
- Head to Fortree City

- Pass through Fortree City and head down Route 120 (take the wide path, YOLO grass tiles if got desert candy), get the Devon Scope from Steven, then head back and enter the gym
- Bird Keeper Jared: Surf
- Picnicker Kylee: Strengthx2
- Heal and repel before Winona if <55HP
- Leader Winona:
> X Spec, Surf Swellow
> Pelipper: X Attackx6, X Speed, Strength (heal as necessary)
> Skarmory: Surfx1-2
> Altaria: Strength
- Torrent is necessary to OHKO Skarmory; upon KOing Altaria, if <8HP at L36, heal before Mt. Pyre.
- Leave the gym and take Route 120 again, repelling before grass if you didn't menu before Winona
- Get lake candy if you didn't get desert candy. Can consider skipping (riskier TnL, speedtie Matt's Sharpedo)
- Get the Persim berries before Beauty Jessica
- Enter and exit Lilycove before heading to Mt. Pyre. Heal if necessary and teach Fly to Wingull in the last repel menu

- Stay above 33HP (30HP at L36). If possible, Strength Carvanhas to enter a high Torrent (Rough Skin does 7-8). Ideal HP is 38-43
- If you got lake candy, use it when you evolve
- Aqua Grunt 1: Strengthx3
- Aqua Grunt 2: Strength, MS
- Aqua Grunt 3: MS, MS
- After receiving the Blue Orb, get the Mt. Pyre candy and Fly to Slateport
- Trigger the Submarine cutscene, follow Stern into the Harbor, then leave and Fly to Lilycove

- Bike to Aqua Hideout
- Skip Max Elixir, but get the Master Ball
- Aqua Grunt: Strength
- Admin Matt: MS, MS, Surf
> Can take ~30 dmg from Rough Skin between Mt. Pyre and Matt's Carvanha to get Torrent for Mightyena
> Sharpedo Crunch does 28-33; MS is 77% to OHKO
> Torrent Surf always OHKOes Mightyena (avoids Swagger)
- Repel on the first Surf tile inside the Hideout before leaving, and heal if <37HP. Ether Surf if low and got the safety Ether
- Surf to Mossdeep City

- Mart: Buy 5/4/6 OR 6/2/6 (depending on Heal Powder/Super Potion count)
- Get Dive from Steven
- Enter the gym
- Walk 1U, 1R, then Max Repel and teach Dive over Mud Shot
- Psychic Samantha: Surfx2 or Surf+Strength (Torrent Surf is 1/8 at L37, 5/8 at L38)
- Liza and Tate:
> Favor entering in Luna Psychic range to bait attacks rather than CM/LS
> X Speed Swampert first turn; heal on slave's turn (Super Potion if only one would Psychic, Hyper if both could)
> Dive Solrock if SB charge
> Heal any sleep on slave's turn; if no heal necessary and Castform is out, RAIN DANCE
> If not Diving, Surf away
- After the fight, Surf south to Seafloor Cavern

- If perfect movement, repel wears off before spinner, so bag manip him with the next one and heal for Shelly if necessary
- Admin Shelly: Strengthx2 or Strength+Surf, Surf
> Rough Skin does 8
> Ideal HP for Archie is 33-45
> Torrent Surf OHKOes Mightyena
- Archie 2:
> Confusion damage is 26-31
> If HP = 33-45, lead Surf to KO Mightyena. If Swagger, just pray and heal as necessary
> If HP is 46+, heal before the fight and try to X Special+Surf Mightyena, YOLOing confusion so that you can setup for free on Crobat
>If HP < 33, Hyper first turn of the fight, then X Special+Surf.
> DO NOT X SPEED ON MIGHTYENA (instant Scary Face)
> Need 2 X Specials, 1 X Speed total if Torrent. If Torrent is impossible and you can spare another X Special, go to +3
> Surf all three (including Sharpedo)
- Mash through the Aqua/Magma/Steven cutscene then Surf to Sootopolis

- Go talk to Steven and Wallace, then enter Cave of Origin and catch Kyogre in the Master Ball
- Menu:
> Use a Rare Candy on Kyogre
> If Spatk > 147, teach Waterfall over Hydro Pump
> Teach Surf over Body Slam
> Teach Shock Wave over Calm Mind
> Equip the Persim Berry
> Use the Escape Rope
- Outside Cave of Origin:
> Take the Mystic Water from Swampert
> Switch Swampert with Kyogre
> Fly to Sootopolis
- Surf to the gym and enter to fight Wallace
- Leader Wallace:
> Shock Wave, Surf
> X Special on Sealeo (heal Paralysis)
> Shock Wave, Shock Wave, Shock Wavex2
> Hydro Pump Seaking if you didn't teach WF
- Leave the gym, then Fly to Mossdeep (take the Persim first if you didn't get confused)

- Surf south then east from Mossdeep toward Victory Road. Menu:
> Heal if you took heavy damage
> Use a Max Repel
> Give the Mystic Water to Kyogre
> Teach Waterfall over Hydro Pump if you haven't yet
- Repel again inside Victory Road
- Cooltrainer Hope: IB
- Cooltrainer Shannon: WF
- Cooltrainer Julie: WF, WF
- Cooltrainer Edgar: IB
- Wally, X Spec+IB, WF, Surf, Surf, Surf
- 91 spe gets Gardevoir (87 at L46)
- Head up to the Pokemon League

- Consider buying Full Restores if 2 or fewer HYPERS and/or Full Heals left, but try to skip them
- You should have 3-6 X Specials remaining (depending on Flannery stall and Archie 2). You MUST have: 2 for Glacia, 1 for Steven. It's nice to have: 2 more for Glacia (good spatk), 1 for Sidney (bad spatk), 1 more for Steven, 1 for Phoebe. Plan accordingly.
- You only have one extra X Speed for either Sidney or Glacia, so only X Speed on Sidney if speed is good enough for Glacia.
- Sidney:
> On Sharpedo, X Speed if spe = 91-100, X Special if < 160 spatk
> WF, IB, SW, WF, IB
- Phoebe
> If using X Special, do it on Sableye
> Surf, WF, WF, WF, (SW+)Surf
- Glacia
> 92 spe gets first Glalie; else X Speed.
> +0 Surf in rain is guaranteed on first Glalie at 160 spatk
> In general, +1 Surf without rain is slightly better than +0 Surf in rain; always Surf if at least 154, but consider X Spec+Surf on worse spatk.
> +1 SW is guaranteed on Sealeo at 180spatk; 3/4 at 170; +2 is always guaranteed
> Favor setting up on second Sealeo, especially if going for +4
> +4 SW is guaranteed on Walrein at 167, 3/4 at 160 spatk (about 150, 144 spatk at L46)
> Surf/WF Glalie, SW Sealeo and Walrein
> If Light Screen during setup, go right to +4 on Glalie, or SW+Surf to avoid heal range if no +4
- Drake
> Always IB Shelgon. If Protect, attempt to Surf Flygons or use safety Ether on Altaria if available
> X Speed on Altaria, IB all
- Steven
> X Specialx1-2 on Skarmory, healing Toxic if necessary
> Must save at least 2 Surfs for Cradily and Metagross, but WF should be guaranteed on all his other Pokemon
> Surf/WF all

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