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This is a guide for Pokémon Sapphire aimed more towards people learning the route. I won't go into detail on every single nuance for the speedrun but cover everything that is important to learn.
The guide is on Google Docs and I really recommend viewing it thorugh there hence why there is no actual guide on this page. Formatting is much better on Google Docs and I use a lot of color codes etc.

GUIDE LAST UPDATED: May 14th, 2018 page last updated: January 15th, 2020


The Guide


Some things to note

1) The guide is made to be as beginner friendly as possible while allowing to be viewed while running.
2) The route used is "Zig-/Abraless #148" which is currently the fastest.
- This refers to the Mudkip on frame 00148 being used aswell as no Abra or Zigzagoon.
- EDG ( has routed a late Brawly route which turned out to be about 30s slower.
- Sapphire is currently the fastest version. Ruby has been talked about in the past however.
3) I try to update the guide as often as I can. Always check "last updated" here or in the doc.
4) This guide uses maps. They are outdated to some degree. Keep this in mind while learning.
- I can only advise you to watch a top-runner's Sapphire run to learn the movement.
5) I didn't cover spinner manips in the guide.
- For now, check Exarion's great pastebin on gen3 spinners here;
- You can bag manip all spinners in the run if you are starting out and want to be safe.



The Sapphire speedrun has evolved a lot in terms of RNG manipulation. Nowadays, a lot of things can be manipped to achieve a fast time. It is not advised to learn all manips when starting out, but do so as your times get lower and lower to become faster.

My Mudkip manip tutorial video:

Epicdudeguy's "No encounter" manipulation:

Epicdudeguy's "Wingull Poké Ball" manipulation:

Keizaron's Kyogre "YOLO ball" manipulation:

Exarion's guide on spinner mechanics in Sapphire:
Exarion's guide on trainer AI in Sapphire:

A full compendium on every trainer's Pokémon:


Closing Words

If you have any questions regarding Sapphire as a speedgame or the guide, or have requests / imprevements, hit me up on Twitter @KylovicKylovic.
Another great way of getting into Pokémon Speedruns is through the PSR-Discord server.
Click here to join:
Check the channel "#ruby-sapphire" for any questions or discussion.

Thank you for reading!

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