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[june 2016] pokemon sapphire glitchless notes

12008 | Naughty 31/28/0/31/17/25
12011 | Naive 27/20/21/31/24/29

offset: -45.72s, confirm Mudkip at 2:43

note: in some cases, damage ranges will be formatted as xx-xx (xx-xx) or xx-xx/xx-xx. the former indicates noncrit (crit) damage ranges, and the latter indicates naughty/naive damage ranges. most crit ranges are not indicated because it usually doesn't matter.


Select girl, set one-character name

- Take PC Potion, select Mudkip

- May 1 Treecko: Tackle Spam, healing if Pound will kill
- Potion immediately after if <9HP; always take mom heal if used in fight

- Walk up to mom and talk from left

- Catch Zigzagoon (Tackle once)
- Potion right after encounter or before Calvin

- Youngster Calvin: Tackle spam

- Buy: 2 Potion/7 Repel
- Walk in/out of center
- Enter gym to talk to dad

- Take grass if still no slave, beach otherwise
- Get beach pot, skip oran
- Menu: potion if <16HP (check zig), Repel

- Aqua Grunt: Tackle spam

- Skip oran
- Get leppa berries by old woman on the right after crossing the bridge

- Take the gym and heal right inside door if <16HP on naughty, if <14HP on naive (check zig)
- Youngster Josh: Mud Slap spam, WG, WG
> Tackle does 6-8 (13-16) on naughty, 5-7 (11-14) on naive
- Youngster Tommy: WG
- Heal before roxanne if 10HP below full (check zig)
- Roxanne: WG, WG spam
> If no slave, Growl nosepass first turn
> If slave, switch out if you are outsped and next RT would kill
> RT does 12-15 (25-30) on naughty, 11-13 (22-27) on naive

- If naughty, kill one encounter, if naive, kill two
- Catch Taillow if possible (tackle once, great ball)
- If you are in torrent, fight Bug Catcher Jose first pass, if not, fight him on the way back
- Repel as soon as you have killed all your encounters (DON’T repel twice)
- Hiker Clark: WGx3
- Aqua Grunt: WGx1-2 (torrent WG is guaranteed)
- Pick up field repel next to Jose unless you didn’t have to repel at all

- Take mart
> Sell: All poke balls, one great ball (two if 4 breakouts and naive), TM39
> Buy: 4 Super Potion/1 X Speed/3 X Attack if naughty
4 Super Potion/4 X Attack if naive
- Head south, back thru woods, and take the briney boat

- Head right for Granite Cave, repel twice to Steven, take escape rope and escape rope out
- Take the gym
- Battle Girl Laura: WG+MS (WGx2 in torrent)
- To heal:
> Naughty: Heal to full
> Naive: If 22+HP and a potion remains, use it instead of super pot

- Leader Brawly
> Machop:
- T1: X Attack. If no T1 bulk up, always MSx2 (T2 bulk up makes it a range)
- If T1 BU>T2 KC/ST, MS+WG+MS (MS+WG+WG if naive and torrent)
- If T1 BU>T2 BU>T3 KC, MS+MS+WG if naive and torrent
- 42HP on the naive always gives you torrent off BU+BU+KC, and allows you to usually live BU+KC+KC (+1 KC does 18-22)

> Makuhita: MSx2 (MS+WG if torrent)
- naughty is 3/16 to knock it into heal range
- never heal on makuhita unless <6HP
- Leave gym, take briney boat to slateport

- Take revive, ether, and soft sand
- head north and enter shipyard to talk to dock
- enter the museum

- Aqua Grunt 1: MS
- Aqua Grunt 2: Tacklex2 (sub WG for either if torrent), MS
- leave museum, don’t take center or mart, and head north to route 110

- before grass, repel and equip soft sand (check zig), and potion if <9HP on naughty and <8HP on naive
- pause manip timmy
- pick up hidden full heal
- May 2:
- setup on numel, always heal to near full before knocking it out
- heal if ember+burn would kill, and if burn, full heal
> naughty: x atk, x atk, x spe, mud slap, MSx2, MS
> naive: x atk, x atk, WG, MSx2, MSx1-2
- naughty takes 6-8/5-6, naive 5-7/5-6 from tackle/ember respectively
- absorb does 34-40 to both, QA does 6-8 to naive, 7-9 to naughty (so heal on 7HP and 8 HP respectively)
- head up the route, taking hidden great ball if you need swablu and had to sell both
- menu manip edwin to check zig
- enter mauville city

- get rock smash then mach bike
- menu outside rydel’s: heal to full, teach zig rock smash, leppa mud shot, reg and use bike
- do NOT enter center
- talk to/fight wally: MS
- take gym
- Battle Girl Vivian: WG+MS
- Guitarist Shawn: MS, MS, MS
- heal before wattson if <39HP on naughty, <20HP on naive (check zig)
- Wattson: MSx3
- leave gym and immediately take route 111

- dodge trainers, turn left and repel before grass to the right of the stairs, deloading and run-into-bike manipping trent and pass through fiery path

- deload wilton to pass and talk to CTB from right
- cooltrainer brooke:
> naughty: tacklex2, MS (75%), WG
> naive: tackle+x atk+tackle, MS, WG
> both take 7-9 from WA, 8-10 from WG
> naughty speedties the wingull
- head west to route 113

- bonk on lower wall and repel before grass
- enter fallarbor

- for shopping, you require the crater nugget and route 114 carbos. if one zig money item, skip carbos, if two, skip both.
- the following situations dictate repel timings and shopping:
> if no early flyer and no money item, repel immediately after route 113 repel wears off, get crater nugget, get carbos, catch swablu, head back to fallarbor, take mart, super repel at pond above bridge
> if early flyer but no money item, get nugget, repel at crater, get carbos, head back, take mart, super repel at pond
> if money item but no early flyer, get nugget if necessary, take mart, catch swablu and super repel immediately, use regular repel on route 116
> if early flyer and money item, get nugget if necessary, take mart, super repel at pond above bridge

- Mart:
> Sell: two money items, TM08, TM47
> Buy: 2 Super Potion/1 Escape Rope/6-7 Super Repel¤/10 X Special/7-8 X Speed¤¤/16 X Attack/1 X Defend/2 Guard Spec.

¤ see repel explanation above
¤¤ 7 if naive, 8 if naughty

- after aqua/magma cutscene, bike out south exit, taking stairs, not ledges

- if you super repelled at the pond, super repel again after it wears off outside meteor falls
- dodge trainers and hop the ledge to pass through rustboro

- use a regular repel right before grass if you didn’t super repel on route 115
- run-into-bike manip janice and pass through rustturf tunnel

- smash the rock to get strength, then go right and south to exit

- repel wears off just before breeder isaac, walk slowly to tile 1L, 1D of him and menu when he looks right
- menu: heal to full, super repel, teach strength over tackle
- dodge trainers and pass through mauville to take route 111/112
- repel wears off on the trent deload, then manip brice and take the lift to mt. chimney

- Aqua Grunt 1: strength, strength
- Aqua Grunt 2: MS, strength, MS (MS pooch if naive and 4 MS left)
- swap a live slave to first slot (check zig) then fight archie
- Aqua Leader Archie
> if both slaves are alive, use a throwaway move T1 and switch to the other, then guard spec.; otherwise, guard spec. T1, then bring in shtomp
> mightyena: x atk, x speed, strength+strength if naughty, or strength+MS if L24 naive
> golbat: strength, x atk, strength (heal as necessary; WA does 21-25 to naughty, 18-22 to naive
> sharpedo: MS
- after cutscene, head down, take jagged pass, and enter lavaridge

- take the gym and menu before flannery
- menu: switch marshtomp to first slot (check zig), heal to full, ether mud shot, use super repel
- leader flannery
> on first slugma, use x atk, and if first turn smog poison, MS, MS, MSx2. otherwise, x atk x4 (stall for poison w/ WG if necessary), then strength, strength, MS
- after fight, if <34HP, remember to heal after herb shop
- leave the gym and enter herb shop after getting go-goggles
- poison does 33
- buy: 3 energy powders/3 energy roots/4 heal powders
- take route 112, enter the desert, and get the desert candy. bike around until shtomp faints (beware trainers and encounters if repel wears off, arena trap trapinch is rip) to wake up in petalburg

- enter the gym
- path: R>L>R
- heal as necessary, preferably w/ s-pots or e-powders
- delcatty: MS, Mslap, MS
- linoone: MS+combo of three moves that kills. can sometimes torrent WG on the last hit depending on heabdutt rolls
- zangoose: MSx2

- leader norman:
> slaking 1:
- T1: x def (facade does 36-43/33-39)
- T2: mslap
- T3+: x speed, x atk x5-6, healing as necessary
- +6 strengthx2, or +5 strength+x atk+strength if naughty
- vigoroth: MS if naughty, mslap+MS if naive (or yolo 11/16 MS)
- slaking 2: strength x2
- leave gym and go to the house to the left to get surf, then exit
- mount bike and menu: use super repel, teach surf over WG
- get pond candy then exit east thru route 102 to oldale town, then north to route 103 and surf across the water towards route 110, past double battle trainers to super repel before aroma lady

- surf to route 110 candy (tenta encounters are possible)
- run-into-bike manip timmy and dodge the other two, cutting through mauville and east towards route 118/9

ROUTE 118/9
- super repel immediately after surfing, go across, run-into-bike the fisherman before steven cutscene
- menu manip the bird keeper from 2D at the farthest (must be facing right)
- head north up route 119, avoiding avoiding the rangers to reach the weather institute

- Aqua Grunt 1: MS
- Aqua Grunt 2: strength, MS
- menu manip the spinner before shelly
- Aqua Admin Shelly: MS, Surfx2 (yolo confusion)
- leave after getting castform, take bed only if severe MS misses and walk out
- mount bike and menu: remove SS, remove MW, equip MW to shtomp, heal to full (check zig), candy to L34 or L36 (double candy pickup), never to L35 (single candy pickup)

- Rival 3 (L34): x atk x2, x spe, strength, strength, MS
- Rival 3 (L36): x atk, x spe, strength, strength (skip x spe on naive)
- head north to fortree and take mart

- buy: 4 hyper potion/1 revive/11 super repel (if still have safety revive and all slaves alive, buy 5/11)
- walk east across the trees, past the gym, and onto route 120

- pass over the rotator and past the grass to the treeline, running down thru some grass (yolo) and behind the stander
- bike to talk to steven on the bridge, and run from kecleon to get the devon scope
- follow the same path back through the grass and west to fortree

- walk to the gym, use the devon scope on the hidden kecleon, and go inside
- Jared: surf
- Kylee: surfx2
- Winona (shtomp):
> Swellow: x spec, surf
> Pelipper: x atk x2, strength x2 (naughty: x atk, strength, x atk, strength)
> Skarmory: surf
> Altaria: strength x2 (hyper/ER if necessary); EQ does 28-34/26-31

- Winona (pert):
> Swallow: x spec, surf
> Pelipper: x atk, strength x2
> Skarmory: surf (100% in torrent or on L37)
> Altaria: strength x2 (hyper/ER if necessary); EQ does 23-28/21-25 on L36, 22-27/20-24 on L37; naive outspeeds on L37
- exit the gym and head back out to route 120

- bike over the rotator and bonk on the tall grass, super repel, and run down thru it to the bridge
-cross the bridge west and head south, run-into-bike the bird keeper, and dodge the other trainers
- keep south for route 121, passing behind the collector thru the grass

- bike east behind the hex girl and up to grab the persim berries
- super repel again and run-into-bike manip jessica to trigger the aqua cutscene
- continue east thru the zigzags and step one tile into lilycove, then back west to take the water route towards mt. pyre

- repel menu: super repel, TEACH FLY

- Aqua Grunt 1: surfx3
- Aqua Grunt 2: strength, MS
- Aqua Grunt 3: MS, MS
- can sub strength for MS as needed/possible for potential torrent (rough skin damage)
- obtain the blue orb, then grab the rare candy before flying to slateport

- bike up from the center and talk to capt. stern
- after submarine cutscene, walk back out and fly to lilycove, biking and surfing east past the dept. store to the hideout

- take detour to get the master ball
- Aqua Admin Matt: MS, MS, surf (sharpedo is 7/8 for L37 naive)
- get max elixir before leaving

- menu: super repel, candy to L39 if naive and candy pickup, heal if <38HP, revive any dead slaves, leppa surf if <2 PP remaining
- consider candying to L40 if naive and you got L36 for rival 3 (tnl surf+torrent surf strat, see below)
- surf east to mossdeep, landing on the north shore

- bike down and around, up the stairs to the right, and into steven’s house to get dive
- take the gym
- Psychic Samantha: surf x1-2 (L40 torrent is 10/16 to ohko)
- teach dive before tnl unless you plan to torrent surf x2 (see strats below), leppa surf if you haven’t already, and candy to L39 if only L38 single candy pickup strats (L36 before winona)
- Leaders Liza and Tate
> see exarion’s explanation of tnl AI:
> you want a range of HP where solrock never kills with psychic, but does with SB. unfort -spdef always dies to luna psychic from any torrent. thus, being above max sol psy damage but within luna psy range, you can avoid dangerous setup moves (sunny day, light screen, calm mind) bc they will attack if they target you (if luna psy is a range and its “simulated roll” wouldn’t kill you, it will select LS or CM--my theory)
> DON’T switch castform to slot 2. this can trigger sunny day if solrock targets it. other slaves always die to any move, so they are safe.
- naughty (any level)
> sol/luna psychic:
L38: 38-45, 53-63
L39: 38-45, 53-63
L40: 36-43, 51-60
> on any level, dive strats
> T1: x spe (heal if necessary)
> T2: dive solrock if T1 SB charge, surf otherwise
> T3+: surf to kill sol, then again to kill luna, or dive if you surfed T2. can setup x spec if CM or LS, but it might be rip (abraless means 1 less slave to sack)

- naive L38
¤psychic: 36-43, 51-61
> if 43<HP<57
¤T1: surf, e-powder/s-pot pert if you have one, hope for luna psychic into torrent
¤T2: torrent surf or nontorrent dive solrock
¤T3+: surf
> if HP<46, use above strat or yolo torrent surf spam (dead to luna psychic, revive as necessary)
> if HP>56, dive strats (surf, dive solrock, surf, healing on slave turn if HP<62)
- naive L39
¤psychic: 36-43, 51-60
> if 43<HP<56
¤T1: surf, e-powder/s-pot pert if you have one, hope for luna psychic into torrent
¤T2: torrent surf or nontorrent dive solrock
¤T3+: surf
> if HP<47, use above strat or yolo torrent surf spam (dead to luna psychic, revive as necessary)
> if HP>56, dive strats (surf, dive solrock, surf, healing on slave turn if HP<61)
- naive L40
¤psychic: 35-42, 49-58
> if 42<HP<54
¤T1: surf, e-powder/s-pot pert if you have one, hope for luna psychic into torrent
¤T2: torrent surf or nontorrent dive solrock
¤T3+: surf
> if HP<48, use above strat or yolo torrent surf spam (dead to luna psychic, revive as necessary)
> if HP>58, dive strats (surf, dive solrock, surf, healing on slave turn if HP<59)
- exit the gym by taking the teleport pad to the right and out the door
- bike down to the steps to the south shore, and surf before menuing
- menu: super repel, can s-pot/e-powder if very low torrent

- surf south until you reach the circular sandbar, going around the left side and using dive in the deep water in front of it
- go into the cavern and surface

- leppa surf in the last repel menu if you haven’t already
- Aqua Admin Shelly: MS, surf
> naughty:
¤L38 MS: 3/16, L38 surf: 3/16
¤L39 MS: 5/16, L39 surf: 5/16
¤L40 MS: 12/16, L40 surf: 12/16
> naive:
¤L38 MS: 0/16, L38 surf: 3/16
¤L39 MS: 0/16, L39 surf: 5/16
¤L40 MS: 2/16, L40 surf: 12/16

- Aqua Leader Archie: guard spec., x spe, x spec x2, surf x3
> yena will spam scary face, but hope for good take down luck for torrent
> you want torrent for crobat and sharpedo. crobat usu. outspeeds so make sure you live a hit (hopefully into torrent)
> if naive L40, you outspeed crobat at +1, so you can use your 2nd x spec after killing yena to avoid swagger (if confused, use one persim after setup) to take a hit from crobat into torrent (it will always attack if you are <50%)
- +2 torrent surf is guaranteed to ohko sharpedo no matter the level
- after the fight, mash thru the cutscene, bike up to the north shore of the sandbar after steven flies off, and surf north then west to sootopolis

- after surfacing inside, surf up and left onto land, then bike up the stairs and to the right to talk to steven and wallace
- enter cave of origin

- bike every floor except the second to last, and pick up HM07 waterfall
- walk up to kyogre and catch it in the master ball, name a one-character name
- menu 1: teach shock wave to kyogre in second slot, teach surf to kyogre in first slot, teach waterfall to swampert over mud shot, give persim to kyogre, candy kyogre to L46 if one remains, use escape rope
- menu 2: take MW from swampert, swap swampert with kyogre, fly to sootopolis (to get to poke center)

- bike down and left from the center to surf to the gym and talk to steven
- enter the gym and don’t fuck up the puzzle
- Leader Wallace
> standard: SW, surf, x spec+SW, HP, SWx2
> low heal powders: SW, x spec+surf (HP if amnesia), SW, HP, SWx2
> SW seaking if candy and 148 spatk at L46, SW+HP milotic if bad first roll
-exit the gym by dropping thru the ice floor and walking down and up the ladder, then fly to mossdeep

- bike down the stairs to the south shore and surf down immediately, until repel wears off
- menu: super repel, heal if necessary, give MW to ogre
- head south then turn right at the circular sandbar and head east on route 128 until you reach the waterfall, climbing it into ever grande city

- hope: IB (check stats here if you didn’t candy)
- shannon: surf
- julie: surf, surf
- edgar: IB
- wally: IB, surf, IB, surf, surf/HP
> surf gardevoir if at least 140 spatk on L46 with candy, 150 spatk on L46 without candy, HP otherwise
- exit victory road and head up to the E4

- Sidney: surf, IB, SW/HP, surf, IB
> use x speed on sharpedo if less than 97 speed on L46 without candy, less than 95 speed on L46 with candy (if nothing to heal confusion with anyway, just yolo)
> SW sharpedo if at least 153 spatk on L46 without candy, at least 150 spatk with candy, HP otherwise
- Phoebe: surfx4, HP(+surf)
- max elixir and heal to full before glacia
- Glacia:
> surf/HP glalie T1 if at least 95 spe on L46 without candy, at least 93 spe on L46 with candy
¤ surf if at least 150 spatk on L46 without candy, at least 143 spatk on L46 with candy, HP otherwise
> if you are outsped or miss HP or the surf range, set up x spec, x spec (x spe if slower, x spec a third time if you get LS)
> if you successfully knock out glalie T1, x spec x2-3 on sealeo, then SW, SW, surf, SW
¤ +2 SW sealeo 1 if at least 144 spatk on L46 with no candy, at least 135 spatk on L46 with candy, then setup 3rd x spec on sealeo 2 (free setup, whereas sealeo 1 can troll with BS para)
> surf glalie 2, SW walrein x1-2 (very favorable range)
- Drake: IB, x spe, IBx4
- Steven:
> if no heal powders or persim, surf/HP, x spec (hope for no para), surfx5
> if heal powder or persim left, surf/HP, surf, x spec, heal confusion if necessary, surfx4
> outspeed skarm with at least 86 speed on L46 without candy, at least 84 speed on L46 with candy
> outspeed claydol with at least 86 speed on L46 with or without candy (else x speed when you x spec)
> outspeed meta with at least 86 speed on L46 without candy, at least 84 speed on L46 with candy

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