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Hello everyone. We are open for any proposals in regards to adding new categories to our leaderboards.

Please post these requests in this forum.
- Post must include the name and basic rules for the category.
- Post must include any special rules (and reasons for those rules, it's always good to have some discussion about viability).
- Post must include video footage of a completed run of the category.

Please also request Alt Main Pokes requests here if you have completed a run of them.

Should you have any questions, join the Discord linked on this sidebar and discuss it in the gen3-category-extensions channel.

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K, here we go:

Ruby/Sapphire: Trade Alt Main (Rules):

-Egg moves/TM/HM moves (anything not in the level-up learnset, basically) are banned, as otherwise the Pokémon could be too strong if they know moves like Earthquake and Fire Blast at Lv5 already. Pokémon cannot have already level-up moves at a lower level than the level they are learnt at
-The traded Pokémon cannot have a base total bigger than 500 and must be in its first evolution stage if it can evolve
-The traded Pokémon must be Lv5. It must not have any excess EXP (EXP meter must be empty)
-The trade must be done in Oldale Town's Poke Center, before battling Youngster Calvin. This is to ensure as much gameplay as possible with your traded mon
-The traded Pokémon cannot have event exclusive moves
-The traded Pokémon cannot have any EVs in any stat
-The traded Pokémon cannot have the Pokérus
-The traded Pokémon can have an item equipped when traded, as long as it's not one of the following:
1) An item that makes it evolve right after the trade
2) A TM
3) A pinch berry
4) Thick Club/Light Ball/etc. (any species-specific item that boosts any stat)
5) A master ball

If your trade Pokémon holds an evolutionary stone, that evolutionary stone cannot be used until you defeat Wattson (since the first evolutionary stone you get in-game is in Meteor Falls after Wattson)

-The traded Pokémon's level-up moveset must match that of the region where they're being traded from at level 5. This means that, for example, trading a Lv5 Ponyta from FRLG means it must know Quick Attack and Growl, whereas trading it from R/S/E means it must know Tackle and Growl. The possible exploits here are small but should allow for some moveset optimizations

-For Feebas, Beauty must be 0 when traded

-The region of the traded Pokémon must match the player's region (to prevent the bigger international EXP boost)
-Your new traded Pokémon must get EXP from every single trainer Pokémon in the game without EXP Share
-Your traded Pokémon must defeat most of the trainers throughout the run

Your Pokémon can have any nature/IVs, can be shiny and can have any ability its species can have

Glitches are not allowed

The goal of these runs is to, simply, allow the player to choose from a wider variety of Pokémon that can also level up faster, helping those in the Slow and Erratic groups, too. It's never bad to have a fun/freer category that doesn't require manips to get mons with good stats.


My biggest personal gripe with this proposal is with the item. There are some mons that would gain so much more by simply having their pick of the litter (like a type-boosting item) or being able to abuse early cash moneys by having a Nugget (perhaps being viable to use the Game Corner to get a TM previously unviable).
This one definitely could use some ironing-out of the rules. I think it could be a decent idea though.


If the held item is finally banned I'll be ok with it, if you noticed in the run my Bulbasaur has no item precisely just in case it'd be banned in the end. However I personally think getting a 10% damage item should be ok since in R/S stuff like Silver Powder or Black Belt can only be obtained by fighting a trainer from the 4th rematch onwards, which is probably unviable during a run. Also some Alt Mains like Beautifly or Sableye get early Psychic anyway without the extra Nugget in Emerald, and get it pre-Flannery. Like I said the purpose of this is to make a freer category, so that people can complete runs in less time even if they're not pros, since I personally have trouble fitting such long runs into my schedule (specially if I have resets).


The point of Trade Alt Mains is to be able to play with mons you'd normally never get the opportunity to use as a Main otherwise. Items are banned in every other format of the Trade Alt Main (across the other Pokemon games), so it'd be silly to change that rule just for these games.
- Other than that, it looks like the ruleset is fine (although when I write the rules up, I'll word them slightly differently so that they match the format of the rest of the categories).


Alt Main Blaziken run? I recently tried ruby for the first time, and being familiar with emerald before, decided to try a blaziken only run, also here's the video for it as well!! 🙃

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Requesting Ludicolo as an Alt Main

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