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I feel very connected to pokemon platinum. I would very much enjoy to speed run it, but I fear my time would end up realistically being much higher than all the other times thus submitted. My question; what is the maximum length a speed run can be that will still be reviewed. Thanks, Pluto


Im pretty sure any time is okay, as long as you follow the rules

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Hm... I am estimating the run would likely take double digit hours. I fear it would be a great inconvenience for who ever is the person who is reviewing the run. I feel like over the summer I will make an attempt. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Got a 8 hour time, not happy with it. Going to learn how to speedrun faster, will try to get a time under 5 hours 🙂


I finally got a run that I'm happy with. It's 4:41:41.000. Pretty proud of it even though i'm in last xD. Question: I only have the top half of my ds' screen recorded. Will this be okay?