Any% Glitchless - Crafted - 11th September 2018

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1/2/2099 7:02
Livesplit offset: -8.80, start game at -1.
Flowtimer offset: 96360/319160 (start on A press to boot up game)
Extended manip offset: 40900 (start on first black frame after galactic double)

Manip stuff (ignore if don't know what this means):
Initial RNG seed: 310715D0
Calibrated Delay: 556
Calibrated Sec.: 14
Target Delay: 5485
Target Sec.: 44
Emulator: 2 Jan 2062 7:02:10 | A at 5480

-2: 22359
-1: 14722
0: 49741
+1: 36073
+2: 49448

Manipulation video:

Shopping route assumes manipulation at least up to Eterna Forest, if not doing extended manipulation (past Galactic double) look at the shopping route at the end of the notes.

do options, move 1 forward.
all pound turtwig
Buy 3 Pokeballs, 7 Potions ($800 remaining)
Catch Kriketot on way back (Pound x2 to weaken)
Take off metronome and give to piplup.
Catch Starly on way up (Pound to weaken)
Pound[Bubble] everything. Catch Bidoof (Pound[Bubble] to weaken)
Starly does 4(6), Bidoof does 4(6), wild Bidoof does 3(4), Burmy does 2(3)

Go to trainer school, get x atk. Heal to 7HP.
get poketch then to rival
Rival: Bubble x3,Bubble x7-9
Starly does 4(6), Turtwig does 5(6)
Get escape rope in mine, bubble wild onix, talk to roark, teach rock smash (potion if 12-14HP) and use escape rope.
Onix does 3(4)

Fight both trainers in gym
Bubble(Pound) | Bubble,Bubble
Geodude does 5(6)
Heal to 34HP
Roark: Bubble,Bubble x2,(switch if screech) Bubble x2
Onix does 7(9)
Cranidos Headbutt does 17-19(20), 25-29(30), 34-40(41)
Cranidos Pursuit does 10-11(12), 15-17(18), 20-23(24)
Outspeed after 1 speed drop.

Buy 3 Super Potions, 3 Antidotes, 4 Repels ($140 remaining)
Back through cave. Heal to 21HP.
Bubble double (Keep 4 bubbles).
Glameow does 6(7), 12-13(15) at -2
Stunky does 2(3) per fury swipe, 4(5) at -2

Repel here if no manip.
(Pound+Pound [Bubble] 90,$112) | (Peck(Pound),Peck x2 289,$352)
Talk to girl, back to town, get pluck TM, teach it(Pound) and heal to 29HP.
Pluck x3 | Pluck(Pluck),Pluck(Peck) | Pluck/Bubble x3 | (Pluck x2 150,$520)
Stunky does 3(4) per fury swipe, 5(6) at -2, poison is 5, Glameow does 6(7)
Heal to 27HP
Mars: Pluck x3,Super Potion/Antidote Pluck x4
If toxic turn 1 from Zubat, use antidote before KO.
Purugly does 10-12(13)

Repel if no manip, heal to 43HP. Fight Daniel and Nicholas.
(If extended manip, fight Jacob: bubble x2)
Skip Daniel if hit all spinners, skip Nicholas if Lv19.
Get X sp.def.
(Skipping Daniel = -514 exp, -$384, Skipping Nicholas = -324 exp, -$448)
Bubble all, Teach Bubblebeam(Peck)
BB x2 Pachirisu,BB Bugs | Pluck Abras
Pachirisu does 14-18(20), Beautifly does 7-9(10) (outspeeds at -1)
Repel at grass

Sell Honey and all TMs, buy 4 Heal Powder, 4 Energypowder, 5 Energy Root ($316 remaining)
Go to gym. Pluck,Pluck(Pluck) | Pluck,Pluck,Pluck | Pluck(Pluck)
Heal to full
Gardenia: Pluck+Growl+X Atk+X Sp.Def+(Heal until reflect wears off)+Pluck,Pluck x2,Pluck
Turtwig does 30-32(36), 18-20(24) at -1 atk
Cherrim does 20-24(26) at +1 spdef
Roserade ML does 44-50(54), 30-32(36) at +1 spdef
Roserade GK does 30-32(36), 20-24(26) at +1 spdef
Metronome 3x is 10/16 on roserade, 4x is guaranteed.

Teach Grass Knot(Bubble) and cut, heal to 68HP.
Jupiter: BB(BB),BB x2/3
Zubat does 12-13(15)
Skuntank does 24-27(28), 45-52(54) at -2
48-55(57) at -2 if didn't fight Nicholas
Get X Special and X Speed on way out
Get explorer kit, egg and bike. Use post.

Get hidden rare candy and revive. (GK,GK,GK,GK 1266,$608)
Repel and register bike before spinner.
(GK,GK 774,$640)
Get hidden revive in Mt Coronet.
(GK 508,$704) | BB(BB)
Repel and heal to full. Off to contest hall, talk to Fantina then to the gym.
Right, 2nd from right. (BB,BB x2 1004,$352) | (BB,BB,BB x2 1522,$1440)

Fantina: BB+X Spec+X Speed+(heal burn) BB,(heal)+[BB] x2,BB
Shadow Sneak does 7-9(10), Future sight does 8-9(10), Mismagius does 30-34(36).
Outspeed Mismagius with x speed after speed drop.
If sp.def drop, switch out to remove (note then haunter outspeeds)
Haunter does 16-18(19) with shadow claw, 16-19(21) with sucker punch. (doesn't seem to sucker punch if in shadow claw range)

Torrent fantina idea:
Go in at like 19-33HP
X Spec (maybe X Speed if 19+) BB,heal+BB x2,(heal)+BB

PC heal prinplup and deposit egg. Order of pokes should be: Bidoof,Prinplup,Starly,Kricketot.
Rival: Die,BB+Pluck,Pluck x2 (revive) Pluck,GK,BB
Staravia does 19-22(24)
Grotle does 44-50(54) [66-74(78)] with Razor leaf 32-36(38) [44-50(54)] at -1, 12(14) [18(20)] with Absorb, 10-11(12) with Tackle, 7-8(9) at -1.
Buizel does 7-8(9), Ponyta does 8-9(10)
After first BB on staravia, switch to Pluck (even if missed, he will probably switch)
If you died after only 1 pluck, use growl and then heal back up to kill.
If do not die, switch out on ponyta to kill slaves.

Get hidden super repel if needed (if <2 repels)
(Pluck,BB,BB,BB 1174,$960). Get ether. (super) Repel and switch Prinplup back to front.
Through solaceon. Get hidden rare candy.
BB x2 or [BB],BB
Get Max Ether. Use Repel, heal to full if below 39HP.
(BB 462,$624)

Top: Pluck(Pluck),BB,BB x2 or [BB]
Roselia does 32-36(38), Lickitung does 15-16(18)
Heal to 42HP.
Bottom: BB,BB,BB x2 or [BB]
Gligar does 10-11(12), Buizel does 10-11(12), Drifblim does 18-21(22), 25-30(31) at +1

Get PP up then go to mart.
2F: Buy 12 X Speed, 1 X Defend, 1 Guard Spec, 2 X Accuracy, 11 X Specials
1F(R): Buy 3 Super Potions, 2 Hyper Potions
1F(L): Buy 2 Super Repels ($148 remaining)

Off to gym, heal to full if below 20HP (ether bubblebeam if healing).
Machoke does 16-19(21)
Heal to full, ether Bubblebeam if haven't. (Pluck(BB))
Fight Heracross spinner on purpose if under 488 extra exp. (506 with jacob strats)
Heracross does 39-45(46), 58-67(69) at -1

Maylene: Guard Spec X Defend 2 X Spec (Super Potion if <29) BB,BB x2 [BB],BB
Meditite 21-24(25), Lucario 25-28(30), Machoke 16-19(21)

Heal to 21HP.
BB all, left first. Get fly. Get rare candy outside HQ.
Zubat does 7-9(10), Stunky does 10-11(12)
BB,BB,BB. Teach Brine(Growl)
Use all rare candies (do this after glameow spinner if not 33), teach fly and use a super repel.
Take hotel heal. (BB)
Fight Glameow spinner on purpose if 488-928 extra exp (506-986 jacob)
Rival: X Speed BB,Pluck+Brine+Brine,BB,GK
Fight Bibarel tuber first to get Lv37 for Wingull.
GK(Pluck) | BB,GK x2 | BB,GK x2,Pluck+Pluck/GK | BB,Pluck x2/3,GK
Hyper potion if 0-10HP, Super potion if 11-38HP.
Wake: GK x2,GK,GK
Gyarados does 19-22(23), Floatzel does 14-16(17), (can do 22-26(27) with brine under half, but doesn't seem to use it)

FOG ROUTE TORRENT STRATS (Ignore this if you're new to the game and just take hotel heal):
1-4HP, super potion, torrent fog route
5-22HP, potion, torrent fog route
23-54HP, torrent fog route (42HP after x acc)
55-66HP, X Acc X Spec BB,BB,BB(Pluck) first fight to get torrent (43-54HP after x acc)
67-78HP X Acc 2 X Spec BB,BB,BB first fight to get torrent (55-66HP after x acc)
79-80HP Potion, normal fog route
81HP+ normal fog route
(If hit glameow after empoleon torrent is 2 less HP because level)

Follow grunt. (BB). Take hotel heal (unless doing strats above).
BB. Super repel, fly to Solaceon and go north.

X Accuracy BB,BB(Pluck),Pluck x2 (if curse, use Brine to finish if no light screen)
(OR torrent fog route strats)
Aipom does 10-12(14), Girafarig does 9-10(11), Grotle does 7-9(10)
(BB x2,BB,BB(GK))
If not in torrent, heal to 69HP.
(X Spec) BB | X Acc Brine,Brine x2 | (Brine+Pluck,BB,GK)
Machoke does 60-68(72), Hoothoot does 5(6), Noctowl does 9-11(12)

Get choice specs and buy (11 Potions), (11 Super Potions), (4 Hyper Potions), 11 Max Repels ($46 remaining)
(Skip potions if still have 2, supers if still have 4, HYPERS if still have 2)
Equip choice specs (heal to 17-41 ideally) and go to cave.
BB,BB | X Speed (X Spec) BB,BB,BB
Sneasel does 9-10(11), 5-6 with QA.

Max repel, teach Surf(Pluck), PP up surf, heal to 38HP and fly to Jubilife. Go to Canalave.
Rival: X Speed (X Spec) Surf,Surf,Surf,Surf,Surf
Potion if in QA range, super potion if below 5. torrent = 42.
Staraptor does 21-25(26), 10-12 with QA. Floatzel aqua jet does 8-9
Go to iron island for strength. Boat back and to gym.
GK | Surf | Surf,Surf | GK,GK | Surf,Surf,Surf
If want to save surf PP can BB/Brine magnemites out of torrent and anything else in torrent.
Byron: Surf,Surf,Surf

Off to library. After stuff, Max Repel and fly to Veilstone. Bike to lake.
(If already hit glameow spinner or less than 10HP or ❤️ surf PP, don't max repel, Fly to Pastoria and take the hotel heal on way to lake.)
(BB) | X Speed Surf,Surf,Surf
Golbat does 8-9.
Fly to Twinleaf. Mum heal here unless took hotel heal.
Surf,Surf,Surf | Surf,Surf,X Speed Surf.

Fly to Celestic.
Max repel, teach strength(brine) and flash cannon(grass knot).
Get hidden rare candy.
FC(FC) | Surf,Surf
Electabuzz does 66-78(80), Magmar does 32-36(38) (hail=9)
If para on magmar, <37 heal, 37-45 surf, 46+ para heal
Get rare candy in snow and rock climb.
Heal if below 19HP, (para heal) (Max repel and teach Rock Climb(Pluck) if healing)
Surf,Surf,Surf x2 or [Surf]
Heal to 25HP (43HP for safe), Max Repel and teach Rock Climb(Bubblebeam).
Candice: X Speed FC,FC,FC,FC (check surf PP)
Sneasel does 13-15(16), ice shard 4-5, hail is 9
Froslass does 15-18

Go to lake, fly back to Veilstone.
Get storage key and into warehouse. (say yes)
(FC) | Surf,Surf or FC,FC if <4 surf PP | (FC)
Get galactic key, to HQ (middle)
Surf,Surf. Bed heal.
Surf,Surf,Surf | FC,FC
If Lv50 before Cyrus, use 2 rare candies and X Speed on him.
Cyrus: Surf,Surf,Surf
Get full restore. Surf,Surf,Surf

Fly back to Oreburgh, up Coronet (FC,FC) | (FC) | (FC,FC)
Use candies if haven't already with 2nd max repel.
Get max elixir in corridor.
Get rare candy.
FC,FC | Surf,Surf,Surf

Double Grunts: Surf,Surf
Use candy to 55.
Jupiter/Mars: Surf,Surf,Surf(Surf)
Free heal and distortion world. Yes/no to Cyrus.
Cyrus: X Spec (FR if burnt) Surf,Surf x2,Surf,X Speed Surf,Surf
Houndoom does 44-52(54), Gyarados does 78-92(94), Weavile fake out does 8-9, night slash 20-23(24)
Run from Giratina. Another free heal.

Fly to Sandgem, talk to Rowan. Max repel and fly to Veilstone (don't max repel and fly to Pastoria if already hit Glameow spinner), bike to Sunnyshore. Surf,Surf,Surf.
Go to lighthouse, then gym.
Surf | Surf | Surf,Surf,Surf | (FC,FC,FC,FC) | (Surf) | Surf,Surf | Surf,Surf | Surf,Surf
Volkner: X Speed (para heal) Surf,Surf,Surf,Use max ether on surf then Surf.
If Jolteon missed charge beam, skip max ether and don't get torrent. If Jolteon crit, super potion instead of max ether.
If paralyzed by Thunderpunch, take death and revive or full restore.
Jolteon does 48-54(56), Luxray does 92-108(110), Electivire does 92-108(110)

(Max ether surf), teach Waterfall(Flash Cannon), Max repel and equip metronome.

Wf,Wf,Wf | (Wf+Strength)
Max repel when worn off.
Get hidden rare candy.
Surf,Surf,Surf | Surf,Surf | Surf
Make max repel wear off here. Then Max repel, equip specs, max elixir and rare candy to Lv62.
Get hidden max elixir.
Surf,Surf,Surf | Wf,Wf,Wf

Strength,Strength,Strength(Strength) | (Strength x2)
Max repel when worn off.
Strength,Surf,Surf | Surf,Surf,Surf
Put specs back on.
Surf,Surf | Surf | Surf,Surf,Surf
Max repel when worn off and max elixir.
Surf x2,Surf
Get hidden max elixir.
Surf,Surf,Surf x2 | Surf,Surf,Surf

Barry: Surf,Surf,Surf,(X Spec) Surf,Surf,Surf
Floatzel does 46-54(56), 9-11(12) with aqua jet

PC heal, deposit slaves.

Aaron: Surf,Surf,Surf,Surf,Surf
(Vespiquen is 15/16 range if didn't candy)

Bertha: Surf,Surf,Surf,Surf,Surf

(could max elixir and heal to full here, gives good range off EQ for Lucian)

Flint: Surf,X Speed Surf,Surf,Surf,Surf
Infernape does 76-88(90) with EQ, 48-54(56) with MP

Super potion to 114-165HP and max elixir.

Lucian: Surf, X Speed [Surf],Surf,Surf,Surf
Gallade does 98-114(116), Bronzong 68-80(82) with EQ, 18-21(22) with Psychic, Espeon QA does 5-6(7)
Hyper potion on Bronzong if in Espeon QA range.

Super potion to 81-130HP. (93+ is best)

Cynthia: X Speed 3[1] X Spec Surf,Surf,Surf,Surf,Surf,1[2] X Spec Surf. (torrent 68 at lv66,71 at lv67 or 69 at lv67,72 at lv68 if candied)
If drop turn 1 and 72-84HP, super potion then x special and should be good. (hyper below 72).
If drop turn 2 and below 46, use super potions until 46+.
Spiritomb does 21-25(26), 33-38(39) at -1, 43-51 at -2
Lucario Extremespeed does 20-23(24)
skip 1 x spec in torrent on milotic if used candy (can skip without candy and risk 13/16)
Milotic does 27-32(33), 41-48 at -1, 54-63(64) at -2

Need 929 exp for Lv33 (with daniel+nicholas)
Heracross gives 1200
Glameow spinner gives 441, fight instead if 488-928 extra exp (506-928 with jacob).

some damage ranges:
Zubat (metronome 1x) 1/4
Zubat (metronome 2x) 3/4
Glameow (pluck x2) 0.04296875
Wingull (Lv36) 13/16
Bibarel (Lv36) 10/16
Wingull (Lv37) 100%
Bibarel (Lv37) 12/16
Shellos (metronome 1x+2x) 0.9296875
Skuntank (Lv52) 0/16
Skuntank (Lv53) 5/16
Skuntank (Lv54) 7/16
Skuntank (Lv55) 12/16
Mantine (Strength metronome 3x) 0.5
Altaria (no candy, torrent) 12/16
Altaria (candy, torrent) 13/16
Empoleon (no candy, torrent) 12/16
Empoleon (candy, torrent) 100%

No extended manip shopping route:
Sandgem: 3 Pokeballs, 6 Potions ($1100 remaing)
Oreburgh: 2 Super Potions, 2 Antidotes, 7 Repels ($190 remaning) OR 3 Super Potions, 2 Antidotes, 5 Repels and pick up the repel on route 205 and the super repel on route 209.
Eterna: 4 Heal Powder, 5 Energypowder, 5 Energy Root ($26 remaining)
Veilstone: 2 Super Potions, 2 Hyper Potions ($458 remaining)