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Has it been determined which game plays faster? If i was going with my gut id assume ruby since mudkip has type advantage against team magma

However, Wartabs 3rd place (Sapphire) is only 3ish minutes behind eddakets world (Ruby), and eddaket did have better movement and encounter RNG.

Also not as important, but dose console matter? I heard the new3DS has better processing but i dont know if it affects how fast the game plays

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In an ideal run where your luck aligns perfectly, Alpha Sapphire is probably faster. Kyogre is wastes a lot less time than Groudon.
The Mudkip section is faster in Alpha Sapphire than Omega Ruby too. The type advantage does only really make 2 fights faster while everything on Mt. Chimney is much slower in Omega Ruby because the Koffings aren't easy to kill due to Levitate and Maxie's Mightyena has Intimidate while Archie's doesn't.
Latias vs. Latios is another story though, as Latias needs (usually) needs more setup and needs to pickup Grass Knot. Latias also struggles a lot against all the Sharpedo with Ice Fang, especially when Latias is slower than them.

Overall Omega Ruby is the safer run though and finishing runs is easier in it. I was on pace similar to eddaket's PB during quite a few runs, but these all died to having a bad Latias or Kyogre. Bad stats on legendaries impact Omega Ruby runs way less.

The console doesn't matter in Gen 6.

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Thank you for your detailed answer. there was alot in there i didnt even account for. So much to remember in these games makes me feel like im getting in over my head haha

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