Alpha Sapphire: Mudkip, Latias, Kyogre Route

By SinstarSinstar. Last updated

Last update : 17th September 2015

Special thanks to MoneyHypeMike for writing the original notes, GarfieldTheLightning for helping out with trainer IV’s and Imax1UP for doing a lot of routing work into AS that was a helpful reference for these notes.

Mudkip stats ranges: For the full chart see:

Littleroot Town
Set Text Speed to Fast, Battle Effects to Off and Battle Style to Set
Battle #1 – Wild Pokémon
Poochyena – 2x Tackle

Route 103
Battle #2 – Pokémon Trainer May
Treecko – 3x Tackle
Head to Professor Birch's Laboratory

STRONGLY consider resetting if you see 9 Defense at level 6, this has almost no chance of getting past Machop if he attacks twice and will almost always require multiple potions on Roxanne, as well as having a hard time on Norman.

Littleroot Town
Head to Route 102

Route 102
Battle #3 – Youngster Calvin
Zigzagoon – 2x Tackle/2x Water Gun

At 13 SpAtk (every 12 at 5 and 17-19 IV from 11 at 5 with a + Spatk Nature) always Water Gun x2, (14/16 to do 9 dmg)

9 speed ties Zigzagoon

Head to Petalburg City

Petalburg City
Head to the Gym
Head to Petalburg Woods

Petalburg woods
Battle #4 – Team Aqua Grunt
Poochyena – 4x Tackle

At 15 Spatk (29-31 IV + Nature) Use 3x Water Gun to kill. 2X Tackle + Torrent Water Gun can also kill on any stats.

Dodge the Bug Catcher
Pick up hidden Balm Mushroom
If you had 11 Spatk at level 5 or want to do the safe strats for Rival 2, Pick up the Ether inside the Pokéball

Route 104
Talk to the boy for Echoed Voice
Dodge the Lady
Head to the Gym
Rustboro City

Battle #6 – Hiker Josh
Geodude – Tackle, Water Gun
Geodude – Water Gun

Nosepass dooes 7 Damage vs 18 Defense and 8-9 vs 16 Defense

Battle #7 – Leader Roxanne
Geodude – 2x Water Gun
Nosepass – 3x Water Gun

You need 2 Torrent hits to 3 hit, unless you have 30 or 31 Spatk IV and a +Nature in which case you always 3 hit. (Although you can 2 shot on high spatk if you get 2 torrent hits and a 1/16 roll)

Teach Echoed Voice over Growl and Rock Tomb over Mud-Slap to Mudkip

Rusturf Tunnel
Battle #9 – Team Aqua Grunt
Poochyena – Rock Tomb, Rock Tomb, Tackle/Torrent Water Gun

After the first Rock Tombs Tackle kills unless you have 0-14IV attack. In that case open the menu 1 extra time to teach Rock Tomb early and fight Jose before entering Rusturf Tunnel.

Go back to Route 116

Battle #10 – Bug Catcher Jose
Wurmple – Rock Tomb
Nincada – Water Gun
Silcoon – Rock Tomb

Give the Devon Parts to the Scientist.

Leave and head to the mart.

Poké Mart
Buy 3x Repel

Head to Mr.Briney’s Cottage

Route 114

Mr. Briney’s Cottage
Talk to Mr. Briney and head to Dewford Town
Dewford Town
Get Silk Scarf from the guy inside the house
Equip Silk Scarf on Mudkip and use a Potion

Battle #11 – Battle Girl Laura
Meditite – 3x Echoed Voice
Use a Potion on Mudkip
Battle #12 – Black Belt Hideki
Machop – 3x Echoed Voice
Use a Potion on Mudkip
Battle #13 – Battle Girl Tessa
Meditite – 3x Echoed Voice
Machop – Echoed Voice, Tackle
Use an Ether on Echoed Voice and Potion on Mudkip
Battle #15 – Leader Brawly
Machop – 3x Echoed Voice
Makuhita – Echoed Voice, Echoed Voice

Granite Cave
Use a Repel and potion on Mudkip
Talk to Steven
Head to Dewford Town

Route 109
Talk to the Tuber girl and receive Soft Sand

If you are doing X Atk strats for rival, immediately equip the Soft Sand.

Head to Shern’s Shipyard
Head to the Oceanic Museum

Oceanic Museum
Talk to Stern
Battle #16 – Team Aqua Grunt
Carvanha – Rock Tomb x2

You should evolve here, if you are doing X Spatk strats for rival: teach Mud Shot over Tackle.

if you are doing X Atk strats for rival: teach Mud Shot over Echoed Voice

(Zubat outspeeds if you have a -Speed nature and 0-17IV)

Battle #17 – Team Aqua Grunt
Zubat – Rock Tomb, Tackle
Carvanha – Mud Shot, Echoed Voice (this is only a range without the soft sand)

Poké Mart

If you are doing X Atk strats for Rival 2, do this:

Sell 10x Pokéball, 1x Balm Mushroom, 1x Great Ball
Buy 5x X Speed, 7 X Attack, 1x X Defense, 3x X Sp. Atk
Buy 4x Super Repel, 1 Super Potion.
Head to Route 110

Otherwise, do this:

Sell 10x Pokéball, 1x Balm Mushroom, 1x Great Ball
Buy 7x X Speed, 4 X Attack, 1x X Defense, 5x X Sp. Atk
Buy 3x Super Repel
Head to Route 110

Route 110
Battle #18 – Poké Fan Isabel
Plusle – Rock Tomb, Mud Shot
Minun – 2x Mud Shot
Use a Super Repel before grass
Use 2x Potion on Marshtomp

Grovyle has 46 Speed, It ties at +2 Spd on 0-4IV,
Range of Echoed Voice on 3 X Spatks is 100% from 19 IV.

Battle #19 – Pokémon Trainer May

X Sp Atk Strats

Do this if you had 11 Spatk at level 5 or greater. Or if you want to play it safe and had 10 Spatk at level 5.

Slugma – 3x X Sp. Atk, X Sp. Atk, X Speed x2, 2x Echoed Voice
Grovyle – Echoed Voice
Wailmer – Echoed Voice

X Atk Strats

Do this if you had 10 Spatk at level 5

Slugma – X Speed, X Attack, X Attack, Rock Tomb, (Rock Tomb/Tackle(if he hardens))
Grovyle – Rock Tomb x2
Wailmer – Rock Tomb x2

Dodge the spinner
Dodge the spinner
Head to Mauville City

Mauville City
Get the Mach Bike from Rydel’s Shop

Run to the mart.

Poké Mart
Buy Bulldoze

Equip Soft Sand on Marshtomp if you haven't already.

Teach Bulldoze over Echoed Voice/Tackle to Marshtomp

Turn off Exp. Share and register Bicycle

Battle #20 – Pokémon Trainer Wally
Ralts – Bulldoze, Water Gun

Blue Switch, Red Switch
Battle #21 – Guitarist Kirk
Magnemite – Bulldoze
Electrike – Bulldoze
Battle #22 – Youngster Ben
Electrike – Bulldoze
Top Blue Switch, Red Switch, Top Blue Switch
Battle #23 – Guitarist Shawn
Voltorb – Bulldoze
Voltorb – Bulldoze
Battle #24 – Leader Wattson
Magnemite – Water Gun, X Speed, Bulldoze
Magneton – Bulldoze
Voltorb – Bulldoze

Route 111
Teach Rock Smash over Water Gun to Marshtomp
Use Super Repel
Avoid the Pickniker

Route 112
Dodge the Pickniker
Avoid the Hiker
Go inside the Fiery Path

Route 113
Pick up 1x Persim Berry
Battle #25 – Ace Trainer Wilton
Electrike – Bulldoze
Bagon – 2x Bulldoze
Makuhita – 2x Bulldoze
Avoid the Fairy Tale Girl
Avoid the Ace Trainer
Battle #26 – Youngster Neal
Trapinch – Bulldoze, Rock Smash
Electrike – Bulldoze
Dodge the Parasol Lady

Route 114
Battle #27 – Poké Maniac Steve
Aron – 2x Rock Smash
Dodge the Pickniker
Pick up the hidden Comet Shard
Avoid the Kindler
Dodge the Hiker
Avoid the Hiker
Use a Super Potion/Potion on Marshtomp

Meteor Falls
Battle #28 – Team Aqua Grunt & Aqua Admin Shelley
Grimer – Bulldoze, (Bulldoze) Second Bulldoze if no Swagger.
Mightyena – Bulldoze, (Bulldoze, Mud Shot)/(Rock Smash) (If Swagger)

After 1 Bulldoze, you outspeed Mightyena on 2-31 Speed IV, and 19-31 with a – Nature.

Carvanha – Mud Shot, Mud Shot/ (Rock Tomb) (If Swagger)

Mauville City

Poké Mart
Buy 11x Hyper Potion, 5x Full Heal and 13x Max Repel

Route 112
Dodge the Pickniker
Avoid the Hiker
Go inside the Cable Car

Battle #29 – Team Aqua Grunt
Poochyena – Bulldoze
Grimer – Bulldoze
Battle #30 – Aqua Admin Shelley
Grimer – Mud Shot, Bulldoze
Carvanha – Bulldoze, (Rock Tomb) (if no swagger.)

Unboosted Bulldoze is a 31.25% damage range on 24-31IV attack, 20% on 20-23 IV.

Equip Persim Berry and Potion to full health
Battle #31 – Aqua Leader Archie
Mightyena – X Speed x2, Bulldoze x2 (If swagger use Rock Smash)
Sharpedo – Bulldoze

Lavaridge Town

Right platform
Dodge the Kindler
Left platform
Avoid the walking Kindler
Right platform
Dodge the Ace Trainer
Equip Soft Sand Sand on Marshtomp
Use a Super Potion on Marshtomp
Battle #32 – Kindler Andy
Numel – Bulldoze
Battle #33 – Leader Flannery
Slugma –Bulldoze (on 16+ IV Rock Tomb and Mud Shot (on 15 Spatk) always kill and saves 1 Bulldoze pp, beware of Light Screen if you miss, only do this if you are very short on PP)
Numel – Bulldoze
Torkoal – Mud Shot, Mud Shot

Petalburg City

Use a Hyper Potion on Marshtomp, Teach Strength over Mud Shot
Battle #34 – Ace Trainer Mary (Right)
Delcatty – 3x Bulldoze

With 2 good ranges you can Strength turn 3.

0-4 Speed IV ties Delcatty when it is -1

Use a Hyper Potion on Marshtomp
Battle #35 – Ace Trainer George
Linoone – Rock Smash, Rock Smash,, Bulldoze. Rock Smash turn 3 if you get a drop turn 1. If no drop, cry, then lose a lot of time, but continue spamming Rock Smash.
Use a Hyper Potion on Marshtomp
Battle #36 – Ace Trainer Berke
Zangoose – 2x Bulldoze, Strength
Use a Hyper Potion on Marshtomp

Battle #37 – Leader Norman
Slaking – X Defense, 4x X Attack, 2x X Speed, Bulldoze, Strength

With 30-31 IV and a + Attack Nature, skip the 4th X Attack, the ranges are all still 100%. If you need to save time, they are all favourable with 20-29 IV and a + Nature.

Bulldoze + Strength is only guarunteed on 19+ IV, otherwise it's very favourable.

Vigoroth – Bulldoze

10+ Speed IV is required to outspeed vigoroth with 1 X Speed. Look for 14 Speed at level 10, and 32 Speed at level 24. 7-9 ties (19 Speed on Mudkip at level 16)

Slaking – Hyper Potion, 2x Bulldoze

The 2 shot is extremely favourable (98%+) with 6+ Attack IV.

Route 118
Avoid the Aroma Lady
Teach Surf over Rock Tomb to Marshtomp
Use a Max Repel
Use a Hyper Potion on Marshtomp
Surf onto the other island and meet Steven

Southern Island
Batle #38 – Aqua Admin Matt and Team Aqua Grunt
Sharpedo – Bulldoze, Strength x2
Grimer – Bulldoze

Route 118
Dodge the Bird Keeper
Head to The Weather Institute

Route 119
Pick up Elixir inside the Pokéball
Switch Marshtomp with Latias
Equip Persim Berry to Latias
Teach Surf over Heal Pulse to Latias, check your stats here. 80 Spatk and Speed are 31 IV

The Weather Institute
Battle #39 – Team Aqua Grunt
Grimer – Mist Ball
Battle #40 – Team Aqua Grunt
Carvanha – Dragonbreath
Mightyena – 2x Dragonbreath
Battle #41 – Aqua Admin Shelley
Sharpedo – Dragonbreath x2

74 Speed Outspeeds Sharpedo.

Equip Mystic Water and use an Hyper Potion on Latias
Battle #42 – Pokémon Trainer May
Slugma – Surf
Grovyle – Mist Ball, Dragon Breath
Wailmer – Mist Ball, Dragon Breath
Head to Route 120

Route 120
Avoid the Lady Parasol
Meet Steven on the Bridge
Run away from the Kekleon
Head to Fortree City

Fortree City
Use Devon scope on the invisible Kecleon

Battle #43 – Leader Winona
Swellow – 3x X Sp. Atk, Surf

Swellow has 87 Speed. With 16-31 Spatk IV (75+ at 30) Skip the 3rd X Spatk and do the alternate Skarmory strats to avoid double team trolls. With 84-88 Spatk at 30, go for the damage range with Surf at +2.

Altaria – Dragon Breath
Skarmory – Surf/X Special, Surf/Surf
Pelipper – Mist Ball
Head to Mt. Pyre

Route 121
Talk to the Pokémon Center employee for a free heal

Go to Route 123 and Pick up the Rare Candy as shown in this image IF:

You have 0-19 Speed IV and 9-31 Spatk IV, and NOT a boosting Nature ,Then you can use level 34 Mega Strats on the level 38 Sharpedo.

You have 20-27 Speed IV; Then you can use normal strats for outspeeding Sharpedo.

Otherwise skip the candy.

Mt. Pyre

You can pick up an emergency Max Potion in an item ball to the North East just before you reach the top of the summit and enter the new area.
Battle #44 – Team Aqua Grunt
Grimer – Mist Ball, Dragonbreath

On 0-17 IV without the pp Max, consider 2x Surf here to save an important Mist Ball for Sceptile.

Battle #45 – Team Aqua Grunt
Carvanha – Dragonbreath
Mightyena – Surf, Surf/Dragonbreath

If you can save Surf PP here it may enable you to save time not healing PP later. Only +++

Use a Hyper Potion on Latias
Teach Fly over Psycho Shift to Latias
Teach Grass Knot over DragonBreath
Use the Rare Candy on Latias now if you have it.
If your Speed IV is 0-19 and you have over 9IV Spatk, equip the Latiasite now.

Battle #46 – Team Aqua Grunt
Mightyena – Surf, Surf/Dragonbreath
Golbat – Mist Ball, Dragonbreath

If you skipped the Rare Candy and have 0-20IV Speed and less than 9IV Spatk switch Marshtomp to the front here, use Bulldoze
as many times as you can, then die, send out Latias and finish off with Surf/Grass Knot.

Battle #47 – Aqua Admin Matt
Sharpedo – (Mega Evolve) Grass Knot, Surf

Use a Hyper Potion on Latias,
There’s a small chance you die to Rough Skin damage here if you’re outsped and get flinched using the mega strat, but survive 2 turns, in that case get the Rare Candy in the Tombstone to the East and use it to revive Latias and make up the exp lost.
Re-Equip the Mystic Water if you equipped the Latiasite earlier.
Fly to Slateport City

Slateport City

Poké Mart
Buy 6x X Speed, 1x Guard Spec., 7x X Sp. Atk
Buy 13 Max Repels, 2 Revives, 7 Hyper Potions and 6 Full Restores
Head to the Slateport Harbor

Slateport Harbor
Battle #48 – Team Aqua Grunt
Mightyena – 2x Surf
Battle #49 – Team Aqua Grunt
Carvanha – Grass Knot/Surf

Surf Carvanha at level 35 on 23+ Spatk IV (77+ at 30)

Golbat – Mist Ball, Surf
Take the boat to Lilycove City

Lilicove City
Use a Hyper Potion on Latias
Battle #50 – Pokémon Trainer May
Swellow – X Sp. Atk, 1x X Speed, 1x Surf
Sceptile – Mist Ballx2/Fly
Use a revive if you die, heal to full before resending Latias in if you have less than perfect speed, this means you do not outspeed the Sceptile.
Use Fly if your Spatk IV is less than 17.
Magcargo – Surf
Wailord – Grass Knot
Use a Hyper Potion and an Elixir on Latias

Team Aqua Hideout
Battle #51 – Team Aqua Grunt
Golbat – Mist Ball, Surf
Portals: 4x right on the way down, middle and right portal on the way up
Pick up Master Ball inside the Pokéballs (Top Right)
Battle #52 – Team Aqua Grunt
Mightyena – Surf x2
Battle #53 – Team Aqua Grunts
5x Poochyena – Surf
Battle #54 – Aqua Admin Matt
Sharpedo – Grass Knot, Surf

You need a + Nature and 13+ Speed IV to outspeed, 30-31 Speed IV ties. If you get outsped and die you can finish with Marshtomp, then Revive after the fight.

Head to Mossdeep City

Mossdeep City
Dodge the Hex Maniac (top left platform)
Use a Hyper Potion on Latias
Battle #55 – Leaders Liza & Tate
Solrock – Surf (Latias) + X Sp. Atk (Marshtomp), Surf (Latias) + X Sp. Atk (Marshtomp)
Lunatone – Surf (Latias) + X Sp. Atk (Marshtomp), Surf (Latias) + X Sp. Atk (Marshtomp)

If Sunny Day, use Grass Knot and kill both one at a time on turns 2 and 3.

If Light Screen and you don't kill and get a heal, go and cry in the corner for a bit, then Grass Knot x2 Lunatone.
Teach Dive over Bulldoze to Marshtomp
Surf to Seafloor Cavern

Seafloor Cavern
Dodge the Team Aqua Grunt
Water: Up, Left Up
Battle #56 – Team Aqua Grunt
Mightyena – Surfx2
Muk – Mist Ballx2

Alternatively just use 2x each attack if you have the pp.

Use a Hyper Potion on Latias
Battle #57 – Aqua Leader Archie
Mightyena – Guard Spec., X Speed, 3x X Sp. Atk, Surf
Muk – Mist Ball
Crobat – Mist Ball
Mega Sharpedo – Grass Knot
Head to Sootopolis City

Sootopolis City


Move Kyogre over Latias
Equip a persim berry, then teach Surf over Body Slam, and Calm Mind over Aqua Ring
Bike to the gym.
Battle #55 – Leader Wallace
Luvdisc – Origin Pulse (if you miss and get confused, get through and kill Luvdisc then full heal on Whiscash)
Whiscash – Calm Mind x2, Surf (if Rain will stop before you kill Sealeo/ Calm Mind x3 here and, skip the CM on Seaking)
Sealeo – Surf
Seaking – Calm Mind, Surf (Origin Pulse if no Rain Dance)
Milotic – Origin Pulse (in Rain with 25-31 IV)/Surf, Surf(in Rain with 0-24IV)/Surf, Origin Pulse (no Rain)
Teach Waterfall over Mist Ball on Latias
Fly to Route 126
Unless your Spatk IV is 20 or more always Equip Mystic Water for the next fight.

Evergrande City

Pokémon Center
Move Kyogre to the PC
Move Castform over Kyogre
Move Latias to the PC
Move Kyogre over Marshtomp

Victory Road
Battle #56 – Ace Trainer Hope
Frosslass – Surf
Battle #57 – Expert Bryn
Hitmontop – Surf
Throh – Origin Pulse (Ice Beam, Surf on 4IV or less)
Battle #58 – Ace Trainer Edgar
Mawile – Surf

Pick up the Elixir hidden just to the north of Edgar, unless you still have the Ether.

Battle #59 – Expert Theodore
Sawk – Surf

If you need to save time here, Origin Pulse always kills the Gallade with 6 or more Spatk IV at +1 Spatk, but Surf never kills. Skip the second Calm Mind if you are willing to risk a 15% chance of likely death if you miss. With 31 IV speed and a + Nature you tie Mega Gallade, so this strateggy becomes less risky.
Regular non Mega Gallade outspeeds you with 0-13 Speed IV (86 at Lvl 45), and a minus nature, always Calm Mind X2 in this situation and X Speed if scared.

Battle #60 – Pokémon Trainer Wally
Altaria – Calm Mind X2, Ice Beam
Roselia – Ice Beam
Magneton – Ice Beam, Surf
Delcatty – Surf
Mega Gallade – Surf/Origin Pulse

Pokémon League
Heal Kyogre at PC, Depositing Marshtomp.

Battle #61 – Elite Four Sidney
Mightyena – (X Speed), Surf

If your speed is 22 IV or less Sharpedo will outspeed you, but it's only worth using an X Speed if you are outsped by Shiftry (a -Spd Nature with 0-17 IV)
Shiftry – X Special, Ice Beam (89 Speed)

You never need the X Special if your Spatk IV is 29 or Greater and you will have rain for sharpedo, Or if you have a + nature. Always use it on a - Nature. The range on Shiftry is still worth going for with any IV over 24 (94.1%). You can legitimately consider going for the range at anything over 10IV (70%) but since Shiftry often uses Fake Out anyway, it's usually not worth risking missing the range unless you really need to save time.

Cacturne – Ice Beam

Sharpedo – (Origin Pulse)/Surf (104 Speed)

Always Calm Mind on Sharpedo if not at +1 and the Rain has or will stop by the time you get to it.

Sharpedo is a range with Surf on a -Spatk Nature with any IV both
A. If the rain stops and you are at +1, such as when you get spiky shield from Cacturne and Fake Out on Shiftry, and;

B. If you do not X Special for some reason with a – Nature and the rain is still up.

Always Origin Pulse in this situation, On a neutral Nature, +1 Surf is always more likely to kill than Origin Pulse.

Absol – Surf /(Origin Pulse)

If you skipped the X Special here and your Spatk IV is 0-19 use Origin Pulse here, otherwise Surf is the better option.

Use a Hyper Potion on Kyogre
Battle #62 – Elite Four Phoebe
Dusclops – Surf /(Origin Pulse)

On a -Spatk Nature us Origin Pulse instead of Surf UNLESS your IV is 29 or greater.

Dusknoir – Origin Pulse/ Calm Mind, Surf

With 7 or less Special Attack IV or a -Special Attack Nature always Calm Mind and Surf to kill here.
With 15 IV or less this is advisable as it guaruntees the damage ranges on Banette without Rain if you get fake out from Sableye. If fake out isn't common this may not be worth it.

Sableye – Surf
Banette – Surf
Banette – Surf/Origin Pulse

Use Origin Pulse if the Rain stops and your Spatk IV is 7 or less or a – Nature, and you didn’t use Calm Mind.

Battle #63 – Elite Four Glacia
Glalie – Surf
Walrein - X Speed, Calm Mind, Surf x2
Froslass – Surf
Froslass – Surf
Glalie – Surf

Skip the X Speed entirely on 31 Speed IV (111 Speed at level 50), or a +Speed nature and 12 IV or greater. If so and you have good special, do this strategy:

Glalie – Surf
Walrein - Surf, Origin Pulse
Froslass – Surf
Froslass – Surf
Glalie – Calm Mind, Surf

IF you have a – Speed nature and 0-19 IV (outsped by Glalie) or 20-22IV (tie), do the alternative strategy:

Glalie – Turn 1: X Speed, Glalie uses Hail or Light Screen
Turn 2: Calm Mind, Glalie uses the opposite move to Turn 1.
Turn 3: Calm Mind
Turn 4: Elixir/Heal to Waste Light Screen, UNLESS, you got Hail on Turn 1 and can take another Crunch + Hail Damage, in that case use Surf here and heal next turn or on Walrein.
Turn 5: If turn 1 Light Screen, Use Elixir or heal, light screen wears off and you one hit next turn. If turn 1 Hail and you used Surf last turn, you may need to heal now, otherwise use Surf to finish Glalie off.
Turn 6: Surf (either to finish or OHKO Glalie at +2 with no Light Screen up)
OR, you kill Glalie and Walrein comes out, if somehow you don't need to heal use an Elixir to waste the last Light Screen turn, otherwise, use a Full Restore.

Walrein – Surf Surf

You can theoretically miss this 2 shot with anything below 19 Spatk IV, use Origin Pulse if the first Surf does a lot less than half. Surf is pretty much always the correct play on >13 Spatk IV.

Froslass – Surf
Froslass – Surf
Glalie – Surf

Use an Elixir/Ether on Surf and Hyper Potion on Kyogre
Battle #64 – Elite Four Drake
Altaria – X Speed, Calm Mind, Ice Beam

Skip the X Speed on a + Speed Nature with 26+ IV.

Flygon – Surf
Flygon – Surf
Salamence – Ice Beam
Kingdra – Ice Beam, Ice Beam

The 2 shot on Kingdra is Guarunteed unless you have a -Nature. You'll only put it into heal range with a + Nature and very high IV, but still always use Ice Beam and always go to +1

Battle #65 – Champion Steven
Skarmory – Ice Beam, X Speed, Calm Mind X 3/Calm Mind x2

Heal/Kill Skarmory if below 70 HP.
Use an X Speed with a -Spd nature and 0-10IV.

Hope for FRZ, heal before 3rd Toxic turn. If you really need to save 1 turn here to achieve your goal time, skip the 3rd Calm Mind. You need to Origin Pulse Metagross, which gives you a 15% chance of death. On less than 10 IV always use 3 unless you want to risk a range on cradily.

With a +Spatk Nature and26-31IV, Metagross is guarunteed to die to +2 Surf. Surf is more likely to kill than Origin Pulse with a +Nature and 16-25IV.

Cradily – Surf

You can use the 3rd Calm Mind on Cradily, it has Giga Drain and Confuse Ray, Giga Drain Crit does 90-120HP.

Healing confusion and health before Aggron is fine, and protects you against a Stone Edge Crit.

Aggron – Ice Beam, Surf

Stone Edge Crit does 114-157 HP

Claydol – Surf
Armaldo – Surf
Mega Metagross – Surf/Origin Pulse Bullet Punch does 27-38 HP

Battle #66 – Pokémon Trainer May
Swellow – Calm Mind x6 or x7