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For those unaware, there is a ROM hack of HGSS called Sacred Gold/Storm Silver, by a certain person called Drayano. It involves a much harder game overall, including higher levels, better AI movesets and better AI team compositions. I personally really enjoy both the original Heart Gold and Soul Silver (my first pokemon game) and the ROM hack, and as such, I have decided to speedrun this game. With all the challenges, it is sure to be a very challenging run. I think it would be necessary to run this without skips, only because the higher levels would make skipping a large chunk of the game not viable. The run could also end either at Lance (much much shorter) or Red (This would probably take 4 hours).

To start out, I need help with routing. I am new to speedrunning in general, so it would be awesome if someone who's also interested in this run would help me in this endeavor.

I have some initial thoughts on possible route. Firstly, you get gifted an Eevee early on at level 5, and then have the option of a Kanto starter in Violet City (lv.10). You also get an evolution stone for the Eevee at the end of sprout tower, and as such, I think that using a Charmeleon with Dragon Rage and a Jolteon to sweep Falkner and then using the Charmeleon to sweep Bugsy.

If anyone is interested, feel free to add me on Discord (Info on my profile) and I'll invite you to the discord server I set up for this, and then we can start work on this.