Any% Glitchless - Keizaron - July 13th 2015 (OUTDATED)

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- 5:30 PM, Sunday, No DST, Yes Phone
- Totodile: Male 12-13/11/10
> 13 Attack is 15 DV
- Fight a level 2 wild encounter
> Fight two level 3 encounters if 11 Defense /or/ commit to fighting Don
- Potion on bottom left flower outside Mr. Pokemon's House
- Berry on the way back
- Rival 1: Leer + Scratch
- Check Stats at level 6: 14/12/12
> 12 Speed is 15 DV
- Catch Sentret (Scratch x1)
- Mikey: Scratch x2 Pidgey, Scratch x3 Rattata
> 26 HP is 15 DV
> 16 Defense is 15 DV
- Pass Don twice instead of once, his experience is valuable
- [Don]: All Rage
- Equip Berry and call Mom
- Grab Bitter Berry

- Abe: Rage x4 Spearow
- Use Potion, equip Bitter Berry
- Rod: Rage x3 Pidgey, Rage x2 Pidgey
> 15 Speed outspeeds Blue's Alakazam
- Potion if under 17-19 depending on Defense
- Falkner: Rage x3 Pidgey, Rage x2 Pidgeotto
> 18 Sp.Def at 10 is 15 DV

- Go to Center to heal, talk to scientist for Egg
- Get Przcureberry before Route 32
- Albert: Scratch x2-3 Rattata, Scratch x3 Zubat
> Use Rage if 15 DV Attack
- Take upper path
> Grab Super Potion on no healing items
- Fight Ralph if level 2 encounter was fought or Don was hit
- [Ralph]: Leer + Scratch x3-4 Goldeen
> Scratch if 13+ DV Attack
- Catch Sandshrew if no Sentret
- [Daniel]: Leer + All Rage
> Water Gun if available
- Russell: All Rage
> Water Gun if available
- [Bill]: Water Gun x2 Koffing x2
- Ray: Water Gun + Scratch Vulpix
- [Anthony]: All Water Gun

- Talk to Kurt in upper left house, then go to the Mart
> Buy 3 Potions, 4 Super Potions, 4 Repels, 2 Antidotes, 1 Prlz Heal
- Go to Slowpoke Well, pick up Full Heal; 28 HP needed
- Grunt #1: Water Gun x2 Rattata x2
> Scratch instead if level 15
- Potion after Grunt #1 if it will heal for full 20 HP
> Super Potion if poor Defense/HP
- Grunt #2: Water Gun x2-3 Zubat, Water Gun x3 Ekans
- Use Antidote + Potion if needed
- Pick up Super Potion
- Grunt #3: Scratch x2 Rattata, Water Gun x2-3 Zubat, Water Gun x2-3 Zubat
- Potion if lower than 19 HP
- Grunt #4: Water Gun x4 Koffing
- After cutscene, walk to Gym

- Amy & May: Scratch x2 Ledyba, Water Gun x2 Spinarak
> Do not heal confusion or poison
- If a level 2 encounter + Ralph fought, go left and fight Josh
> Do not heal Poison
- [Josh]: Leer + Scratch x3 Paras
> Do not heal Paralysis until Benny buffer
- [Al:] Water Gun x2 Caterpie, Water Gun x2 Weedle
- Equip Przcureberry (and heal if necessary) during Benny pause buffer
- [Benny]: Water Gun Weedle, Water Gun + Rage Kakuna, Rage Beedrill
- Bugsy: Rage All

- One tile before Rival 2, use a Repel, (equip Przcureberry), teach Fury Cutter over Rage
- Rival 2: Water Gun x2 Gastly, Fury Cutter x3 Bayleef, Water Gun x2-3 Zubat
- Chase Farfetch'd using the top path, not the right (Revive) path
- Get Cut, use Repel, teach Cut to slave, cut tree from the field
- Grab hidden Full Heal if none in inventory (where X Attack is in Crystal)
- Grab hidden Super Potion if 4 or less healing items (in upper nook)
- Get Headbutt TM, teach over Leer on next Repel menu
- Leave forest, avoid trainers (go left), go to Bike Shop in Goldenrod
- Register Bicycle, use from menu and go to Goldenrod Gym
> If 10-14 atk DV and have 418+ optional exp, do earliest Underground
~ Teach Bite over Water Gun at 21

- Carrey: Headbutt x2-3 Snubbull
- Heal to full before Whitney, equip Berry if still available
- Whitney: All Fury Cutter
> Teach Bite over Fury Cutter if able, otherwise Scratch

- Go to Flower Shop, talk to blue girl then red girl for Squirtbottle
- Grab Kenya from the guard house, then go to the Underground
- Go to underground early and fight Donald and Teru
- Donald: Headbutt/Bite Slowpoke, Headbutt/Bite Slowpoke
> Favour Headbutt if level 22
- Teru: Water Gun Magnemite x3, Headbutt Voltorb
- Grab hidden Super Potion if less than 2 Super Potions remaining
- Grab Coin Case, walk out of Underground
- Bike to Game Corner
> Buy 50 x4 coins from left guy, buy Abra from right girl
- Bike to Mart
> 3F: Sell TM 31 + 45, buy 1 X Speed, 1 X Special, 2 X Attack
> 2F: Buy 5 Escape Ropes, 2 Full Heals, 1 Poke Doll
- Teleport to Violet City, double deposit, bike to Sudowoodo
- Switch Croconaw to front, use Squirtbottle from menu, run
> Kill Sudowoodo if Ralph strat was not done
- Greg: Headbutt + Scratch/Bite
> Scratch if excellent Headbutt range

- Finish Kimono Girls with at least 4 Headbutt PP
- Naoko: Headbutt x2 Flareon
- Sayo: Bite x2 Espeon
> 40 Speed is a speedtie, 41 outspeeds
- Zuki: Headbutt x3 (+ Scratch) Umbreon
- Kuni: Headbutt x2 + Scratch/Bite Vaporeon
- Heal if under 45 HP, equip Przcureberry if available
- Miki: Headbutt x2 Jolteon
- Get Surf from old man, then exit building
- Heal, teach Surf over Scratch, bike to Ecruteak Gym
> Skip hidden Hyper Potion unless only 0-1 Super Potions left

- Ping: Surf Gastly x5
- Avoid second trainer by walking right twice, up twice, left to third trainer's vision
- Jeffrey: Bite (+ Water Gun) Haunter
- Medium Martha: Surf Gastly, Surf Haunter, Surf Gastly
> Bite + Water Gun Haunter if poor Special Attack
- Use a Super Potion before Morty if needed
- Morty: X Speed, X Special, Water Gun Gastly, Surf Haunter, Bite x2 Gengar, Surf Haunter
- Exit gym and bike through Route 38 and Route 39 to Olivine City

- Bike to water northeast of Ecruteak Gym and look for a Poliwag/Poliwhirl
> Water Gun 15-16 Poliwag, Bite 17+ Poliwag and Poliwhirl
- Bike to Olivine, taking the lower path
> Repel at grass, take the left side, go around trainers
- Bike to Olivine Mart
> Buy 4 Super Potions, 11 Super Repels
- Bike to Lighthouse

- Alfred: Headbutt + Surf Noctowl
- Preston: Water Gun Growlithe x2
- Connie: Headbutt + Bite Marill
- Drop from the left, skip Ether
- [Ernest]: Surf Machop x2, Bite Poliwhirl
- Talk to Jasmine, then drop to the right for Rare Candy
> Pick up even if level 30, use late candy strats instead
- Use Rare Candy if needed, use Super Repel, swap Super Repel to top, Escape Rope out
- Go to the Cafe left of the Center, grab Strength
- Use Bicycle, Surf to Cianwood

ROUTE 40/41
- Teach Strength while pause buffering Kaylee
- [Kaylee]: Headbutt Goldeen x2, Headbutt + Bite Seaking
- Hug the northwest wall
- Bike straight to gym when out of water
- Bike to Cianwood Gym

- Yoshi: Headbutt (Strength) + Strength Hitmonlee
- Lao: Headbutt (Strength) + Strength Hitmonchan
- Nob: Surf Machop, Headbutt (Strength) + Strength Machoke
- Lung: Strength Mankey x2, Strength x2 Primeape
> Need 8 PP total after Chuck, 3 MUST be Surf
- Heal, equip Bitter Berry if available
- Chuck: X Attack x2, Strength Primeape, Headbutt + Strength Poliwrath
> If Poliwrath hits Dynamic Punch, sacrifice a slave

- Get Fly from Chuck’s wife outside Gym
- Get Secretpotion from house next to Chuck's wife
- Use Super Repel, teach Fly to Kenya, Fly to Ecruteak (3 down), then head right to Mt. Mortar
- Surf through water instead of going through cave
- [Benjamin]: Bite Diglett, Bite Geodude, Bite Dugtrio
- Bike north along left side of grass, Surf north, and bike to Lake of Rage
- Use Poke Doll on Shiny Gyarados, talk to Lance, Fly to Mahogony (2 down)

- Enter Team Rocket Hideout, mash through cutscene
- Grunt #1: All Strength
- Grunt #2: All Strength
- Jed: Surf Magnemite x3
- Activate switch on computer, head downstairs, talk to Lance
- Grunt #3: Headbutt Venonat x2
- Ross: Surf Koffing x2
- Grunt #4: Headbutt Ekans, Headbutt Gloom; talk after for password
- Mitch: Headbutt Ditto
- Grunt #5: Headbutt Raticate; talk after for password
- Head up the stairs in the upper right hand corner
- Grunt #6: Bite Rattata, Bite Zubat, Bite Rattata
- Take the stairs down, ignore the second staircase, head to door, mash through cutscenes
- Executive #1: Headbutt Zubat, Strength Raticate, Surf Koffing; talk to Murkrow after
- Head back to the room where you acquired the first two passwords
- Take the stairs that lead back to the Lance heal, pick up Protein in the way
- Open the door and mash through cutscene
- Executive #2: Surf (+ Bite) Arbok, Strength (+ Bite) Gloom, Strength Murkrow
- Knock out the three Electrodes (use Surf + Bite on all three)
- Mash through Lance cutscene, use Protein, Escape Rope out

- Ice puzzle: left of statue, Up, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right
- [Douglas]: All Bite
- Pryce: Strength (+ Bite) Seel, Strength x2 (+ Bite) Dewgong, Surf Piloswine
- Ice puzzle: Left, Down, Left, Down, exit gym, Fly to Olivine (4 down)

- Bike to the Lighthouse, go through it like normal
> Pick up Ether
- [Ernest]: Headbutt Machop x2, Bite Poliwhirl
- Give SecretPotion to Jasmine, Escape Rope out, bike to gym
> Use Rare Candy if no spinners on late candy strats
- Jasmine: Surf Magnemite x2, Surf Steelix
- Exit gym, use Ether on Surf, Fly to Goldenrod (4 up)

- Walk to Mart
> 5F: Buy TM33, get Return from lady behind counter
> 4F: Optional: 2 Calciums if less than 14 DV Special
~ 33650 money after Ice Punch required
> 3F: Buy 6 X Special, 11 X Attack, 2-3 Speed, 1 Guard Spec, 3 X Accuracy
~ 3rd X Speed if speed was not 15 at 9
- Bike to Radio Tower
- Grunt #1: Headbutt Raticate x2
- Head upstairs, go down and around two trainers
- Grunt #2: Headbutt Zubat x2
> Teach Slash over Headbutt if Ernest hit
- Grunt #3: Headbutt Grimer x2, Headbutt + Strength Muk
- Head upstairs and talk to upper trainer
- Grunt #4: Bite Koffing, Headbutt Grimer, Bite Zubat, Bite Rattata
- Walk below, avoiding other trainer's vision and talk to scientist
- Marc: Surf Magnemite x3
- Head upstairs, avoid rotator, teach Ice Punch over Headbutt
> Equip Bitter Berry if available, use Calciums if bought
- Rich: Surf + Bite Porygon
- Head upstairs
- Executive #1: Surf Koffing, X Special (X Accuracy), Bite Koffing x2, Surf Weezing, Bite Koffing x2
> Use X Accuracy if Koffing uses Smokescreen
- Leave Radio Tower, bike to the Underground

- Walk to the right of Teru and use the key on the door, then head downstairs
- Rival 3: (X Special) Ice Punch (+ Bite) Golbat, Surf Magnemite, (X Special) Ice Punch (+ Bite) Meganium, Ice Punch Haunter, Surf Sneasel
> Use X Special on Golbat if Bitter Berry equipped, otherwise X Special on Meganium
- Grunt #1: Bite Rattata
- Grunt #2: Surf (+ Bite) Muk, Bite Koffing, Bite Rattata
- Grunt #3: Bite Koffing, Surf (+ Bite) Muk
- Hit the switches in this order: 3, 2, 1
- Eddie: Strength Growlithe, Bite Koffing
- Duncan: Bite Koffing x2, Strength Magmar
- Grunt #4: Strength Gloom x2
- Grunt #5: Ice Punch Raticate, Strength Golbat
- Grunt #6: Strength Grimer, Ice Punch Weezing
- Grunt #7: Bite Koffing x2
- Get Card Key from Director, get Card Key from Director, teach Return over Bite, use Escape Rope, bike to Radio Tower

- Use Card Key on 3rd Floor
- Grunt: Ice Punch Raticate, Ice Punch Koffing
- Executive #1: Ice Punch + Return Golbat
- Executive #2: Surf (+ Return) Arbok, Ice Punch (+ Return) Vileplume, Return Murkrow
- Executive #3: Return Houndour, Ice Punch Koffing, Surf Houndoom
- Mash through cutscene, go down one floor, grab Pink Bow from Mary, head to lobby
- Take Radio Card Quiz: Y, Y, N, Y, N
- Leave Radio Tower, and Fly to Mahogany (2 down)

- Bike east, take lower path
- Vance: Strength Pidgeotto x2
- Use a Super Repel upon entering Ice Path
- Ice Puzzle #1: U, L, U, R, U, R, D, L, U, L, D, R, D, R, U, R
- Ice Puzzle #2: (Start on upper tile) R, U, L, D, L, U, R, HM 07, L, D, L
- Use a Super Repel when needed
- Strength Puzzle: Push top boulder, go around, push into hole, go into lower hole, U, R
- Ice Puzzle #3: D, R, U, L, U, L
- Exit Ice Path and head towards the gym
- Use Super Repel 1 tile before sign in from of gym, equip Pink Bow, teach HM06 + HM07 to Poli
> Heal if under 90 HP

- Paul: Return Dratini x3
- Fran: Return x2 Seadra
- Cody: Return Horsea, Return x2 Seadra
- Lola: Return Dratini, Ice Punch Dragonair
- Clair: Ice Punch Dragonair x3, Return x2 Kingdra
> Use an X Attack if first Return range was low

- Leave Gym, Surf to Dragon's Den
- Surf around building to east for Dragon Fang
- Mash through cutscenes, Super Repel and Escape Rope out
- Mash through phonecall, Fly to New Bark Town

- Go east and Surf, going through Tohjo Falls
- Take upper path to get on bike sooner
- Blake: Surf Magneton, Return Exeggcute, Surf Quagsire
- Bike east and north, avoiding trainers along the way, hug left wall
- Richard: Return Espeon
> When leaving house take one step right before exiting, walk to Joyce, mount bike to buffer first time
- [Joyce]: Strength Pikachu, Strength x2 Blastoise
- Gaven: Return Victreebel, Return x2 Kingler, Return Flareon
- Jake: Return Parasect, Return Golduck
- Beth: Surf Rapidash
> Can Return if 15 DV Attack
- Super Repel, navigate Victory Road, SKIP EARTHQUAKE
- Rival 4: X Special, Surf Sneasel, Surf Magneton, Ice Punch Meganium, Surf Golbat, Ice Punch Haunter, Return Kadabra

- Buy 11 Max Repels, 11 Full Restores
- Will: X Special, Surf Xatu, Ice Punch Exeggutor, Return Jynx, Return x2-3 Slowbro, Surf Xatu
> Ice Punch Xatu on poor Special Attack
- Koga: X Special, X Accuracy, Surf Ariados, Surf Venomoth, Surf Forretress, Return x2 Muk, Ice Punch Crobat
> Skip X Accuracy if >80 HP
- Bruno: X Attack x2, Return x4 until Onix, Ice Punch Onix
- Karen: X Special, Surf + Return Umbreon, Ice Punch Vilepume, Surf Gengar, Surf Murkrow, Surf Houndoom
> Use X Accuracy if Umbreon uses Sand-Attack
> Heal if under 40 HP
> If Gengar survives and uses Spite:
~ If 0-2 Surf PP, X Attack on Murkrow and sweep with Return
~ If 3 Surf PP, Ice Punch Murkrow, Surf Houndoom
- Heal if lower than 120 HP
- Lance: (X Speed) Return x2 Gyarados, Ice Punch Dragonite x2, Return + Ice Punch Dragonite, Surf Aerodactyl, Surf Charizard
> Use X Speed if Gyarados uses Hyper Beam
> If good Special and/or level 54, go for Ice Punch range on level 50 Dragonite
> If 1 Surf PP, Return x2 Charizard
> If 0 Surf PP, Ice Punch x2 Aerodactyl, Return x2 Charizard
- Sit through credits

- Bike to Professor Elm and get the S.S. Ticket
- Fly to Olivine (5 down), get on the boat
- Go right and down the stairs, talk to guy blocking you, go back upstairs
- Go in 3rd room on the top from the left
- Stanley: All Return
- Go back downstairs, and head left to the Captain
- Leave the ship, use Super Repel, Fly to Vermillion (1 up) and bike north to Saffron

- Bike east to Lavender, then north to Rock Tunnel, letting Jim see you
- Jim: Return Machamp
- 1st Room: U (not all the way), R, U
> Use a Max Repel when Super Repel wears off
- 2nd Room: D 2, R, D 2, R, D
- 3rd Room: D 1, L, U, D 1, L
- 4th Room: R, D, L, D, L, D, R, U, L
- 5th Room: D, L, U, exit
- Enter and exit Center, Surf to Power Plant, talk to red guy
- Fly to Saffron (1 down), bike west to Celadon, go to Gym

- Jo + Zoe: Return Victreebel, Return Vileplume
> Strength Victreebel if 14-15 DV Attack
- Fight the left trainer
- Tanya: Ice Punch Exeggutor
> Return Exeggutor if Strength was used on Victreebel
- Julia: Strength Paras, Strength Exeggcute, Strength Parasect
- Erika: Ice Punch Tangela, Return Jumpluff, X Attack + Return Victreebel, Return Bellossom
- Exit gym, Fly to Saffron (1 down), bike to gym

- Teleport puzzle: Up, Left, Down (go around), Down (go around)
- [Rebecca]: Strength Drowsee, Strength Hypno
- Sabrina: Return Espeon, Return Mr. Mime, Return Alakazam
- Teleport puzzle: Right, Up, Up, Down
- Exit gym, bike north to Cerulean

- Bike to gym, activate Rocket cutscene, bike north to Nugget Bridge
- Dudley: Strength Oddish
- Ellen: Surf Wigglytuff, Surf Granbull
- Joe: Return Tangela, Return Vaporeon
- Laura: Strength Gloom, Strength Bellossom, Strength Pidgeotto
- Lloyd: Return Nidoking
- Shannon: Strength Paras x2, Strength Parasect
- Pat: Strength Porygon
- Interupt Misty’s date, Fly to Cerulean City (1 up), bike to Cerulean Gym

- Walk right around the gym and Surf to Misty
- Misty: Return Golduck, X Attack + Return Quagsire, Return x2 Lapras, Return Starmie
> Take note if two Returns were used on Lapras
- Grab Machine Part in upper left hand corner after fight, exit gym

- Use Super Repel, then Teleport
- Bike/Surf to Power Plant, talk to red guy, Fly to Lavender (3 up), bike to Tower
- Talk to Director, exit, Fly to Vermilion (2 up), head to Vermilion Gym

- Gregory: Return Pikachu, Return Flaaffy
> Use Strength or Ice Punch if only 1 Return PP left
~ 2 Return PP if 15 DV Attack
- Lt. Surge: Surf Raichi, Surf Magneton, Return Electabuzz, Surf Electrode x2
- Bike east out of Vermillion, use Super Repel, tune to 20, run from Snorlax
- Go through Diglett’s Cave, head to Pewter gym

- Jerry: Surf Sandslash
> Return if 12+ DV Attack and 1 PP available
- Brock: Surf Graveler, Surf Kabutops, Surf Omastar, Surf Onix, Ice Punch Rhyhorn
> Surf Rhyhorn if Return used on Sandslash
- Exit gym, bike south towards Viridian Forest

- Pick up hidden Max Ether in Viridian Forest
- Stay one tile to left of grass patch, right at cliff
- After Viridian City, Max Repel at right of cliff and use Max Ether on Return
- Talk to Blue, then Surf east to Seafoam Islands

- Walk up to gym
- Blaine: Surf Magcargo, Strength Magmar, Surf Rapidash
- Exit gym, surf right/up to Fuchsia City

- Janine is the trainer in the middle-left of the gym
- Janine: All Return (x5)
- Exit gym, Fly to Viridian (2 up), head to gym

- Blue: X Attack x2, (X Speed,) Return Pidgeot, (X Attack,) Return Exeggutor, Return Alakazam, Return Gyarados, Return Arcanine, Surf Rhydon
> Use 2 X Attacks instead of 3 if 15 DV Attack
> Use X Speed if 133 or less Speed
- Exit gym, Fly to Pallet (1 up)

- Bike to lab, talk to Professor Oak
- Use Super Repel, Fly to Viridian City (2 up), bike west to Mt. Silver
- Heal when next Max Repel is needed
- Red: Guard Spec, X Speed, X Attack x2, Return Pikachu, Return x2 Venusaur, Return Espeon, Return x2 Snorlax, Return x2 Blastoise, Return x2 Charizard
> If low on Returns, prioritize using one on Pikachu, one to two Strength on Charizard, then one on Venusaur
> Use an X Attack if first Return range on Snorlax was poor
> Surf Charizard if burned
- Hold B at credits, Save for time

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