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North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Hey quick question I hope can be answerd before I am doing the work in learning the game / getting a wrong cart:

  1. In the rules it says it needs to be english. Does it matter if its a PAL or a NTSC english cart? (also for manip?)
  2. I have one of the fancy GBAHD's aka original hardware GBA with an HDMI out. Does this effect about the legality of a run since its still original hardware?

Thank you for listening and hopefully answering

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Since no one seems to know, don't worry. In case I get an english PAL copy instead of the NTSC cart, I will provide the knowledge if the manip works there or not. And for if it is legal or not, I let the mods decide it after I tried. Have a great one :)

Idaho, USA

I would recommend going to the discord server and asking there. they are more active there.

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