Gold Any% Glitchless (no toto manip) (OUTDATED)

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Version on pastebin here:

Some optional supporting resources available here:

If you need to do LID manip, do LID manip.
10am, no DST, yes phone.
Totodile - accept 12/11/10/10/9 + (can be pickier if going for a very good time), take berry off.

Kill an encountered level 3 or level 4 before Mr Pokemon's house (If 12 defence @L5 kill an encountered level 2 as well). After killing that until Rival only kill something if it will complete your exp. (A second level 3 or a level 2 if you killed a level 4, a level 4 if you killed a level 2).

Rival - Leer once then spam scratch

After rival:
If still L6 and had 12 defence @L5: kill one L2/L3 encounter if you have killed no encounters so far. Otherwise run from everything.
If still L6 and had 11 defence at L5 and have killed nothing so far then run from everything and fight Youngster Joey (the stander below Mikey).
If L6 with 11 defence at L5 and have killed one thing, kill an encounter to complete your exp, don't talk to Joey.
If L7 after rival never kill anything else and never fight Joey.

Name Rival a and talk to elm.
Say no to the catching guy.
Catch a sentret if you see one (scratch x1).

If fighting Joey talk to him to fight then don't go through the grass. [Joey- Scratch x3]

Mikey - If L7 for Mikey then Rage everything (switch to scratch if turn 1 tackle miss). If L6 for Mikey obviously scratch everything.
AVOID DON (scratch everything if hit @L8, rage everything if hit @L7)
On Don pause buffer equip berry, heal to 15+ hp and ring Mom (don't save money).
On 25+ hp consider skipping the menu for no-pause Don and let Mom ring you.
On 19+ hp with Level 8 and 17+ attack consider (especially on bad runs) skipping menu for no-Pause don and YOLOing the 3-shot on Spearow. (Heal during the fight if you miss it and finish with scratch).
Catch Bellsprout if you see one and don't have a cutter (scratch x1).
Get the bitter berry.

Violet Gym:
Rage x3 (+ Scratch) Spearow guy
Heal before next guy if hp is low, equip bitter berry- consider double potion if have it and if hp is really low to avoid menu to heal again before Falkner.
Rage next guy.
Heal <20hp. (If hit Don and killed a L3 Pidgey and L3 Sentret or 2 L3 Sentrets or fought Joey you'll be L11 for Pidgeotto and so should only heal <18hp). Equip Bitter Berry if you didn't already.
Rage Falkner.

Center + talk to the egg guy.
Get the przcureberry.
Fight Albert- scratch everything on <15 dv, rage on 15 dv. (Consider rage on lower dv to save bitter berry for Ralph more often).

Catch a Sandshrew if you don't have a cut slave yet (scratch x1). (Turnframe at the end of union cave until you get one if necessary).
Don't kill encounters after hitting Daniel or Bill.
Kill a geodude/sandshrew/onix if you encounter one.
Kill another if you encounter it if you have <10 special or <5 speed or 10-12 speed or if you have an otherwise good reason based on the specific circumstances you're in or you just want to play safer. (Don't kill only two geodudes).

Avoid Spinner Daniel- WG if hit. - Don't take forever with dodging him, Daniel is pretty quick and gives useful exp.
Avoid Spinner Bill - WG everything if hit.
Fight Vulpix guy- WG + Rage usually kills, otherwise WG+Scratch
Avoid Spinner Anthony- WG everything if hit.

Go talk to Kurt, then go to mart and buy (consider 1 potion if you have none) 5 super potions, 4 repels and 3 antidotes. Pickup the hidden full heal behind slowpoke well. (Can do 6 super potions and 2 antidotes- but this makes Violet shop much tighter).

Heal if necessary, then WG x2 Rattatas (if 15 for first rat scratch them instead)
WG everything on the Zubat/Ekans fight (if 15 for both Zubat and Ekans and 11+dv attack spam scratch instead)
Rage the next guy if have good attack or you're level 16 with less than 15dv special. Otherwise WG everything.
WG x3/x4 Koffing. Heal <11hp before fight. (Heal during fight if 5 or less hp and not going to kill koffing that turn).

Fight the right trainer first. (Scratch x2 Ledyba then WG x2 Spinarak).
Don't heal poison.
Take the left path and fight Paras guy/ Switch leer and scratch then use leer then spam scratch. (If poisoned rage instead).
Avoid Spinner Benny- WG, WG+Rage, Rage if hit.
On Pause buffer Equip przcureberry, heal if hp <27 heal paralysis with full heal, poison with antidote.

Rage Bugsy.
If poisoned in the fight menu immediately and do a seperate repel menu in the guard house. Otherwise menu on the tile before activating rival cutscene, super potion, repel and teach fury cutter over slot 1 leer.

WG x2 Gastly
Fury Cutter x3 Bayleef (don't miss or get crit).
WG x2/x3

If doing guard house menu repel + super potion in the guard house.
Otherwise go through Ilex and get cut.
When repel wears off use super potion, repel, teach cut to sentret (use cut from menu if you are in front of bush).
Pick up hidden full heal then go grab Headbutt.
When repel wears off teach Headbutt (TO CROC NOT SENTRET) over slot 3 rage, use repel and leave forest.

Get bike. Then go to gym.

Headbutt x2/x3 Snubbull - Full heal off paralysis after fight if get paralysed.
Fury Cutter spam Whitney. If Miltank is in redbar and locked into rollout then finish with headbutt.
Teach bite over slot 1 fury cutter unless learning it before Miltank is beaten then teach it over slot 2 scratch.

Go get the squirtbottle. Then Kenya, then go to the underground.
Slowpoke guy- Bite the slowpokes unless 47 attack at L21 (15dv always gets this, 14dv can get this with some extra stat exp) then Headbutt them.
Electric Poke guy- WG Magnemites, Headbutt Voltorb.

Get the coin case. Consider getting the super potion if you somehow used (almost) all your healing items. Ponder how much better return would do later on if you increased crocs happiness by getting him a haircut from that guy at that stall.

Get abra (try to buy him again after for less text), then go to the radio tower, go to the pc, deposit croc then deposit egg then withdraw Croc. Win the masterball, leave, menu, swap slot 1 poke with Croc and Teleport.

Go to Violet mart and buy 5 escape ropes, 1 X Attack if 11+dv attack (or 10dv attack with 176 non-Ralph extra attack stat exp), otherwise 2 X Attacks and 1 X Speed, buy 1/2 awakenings if you want them (based on full heals remaining)- if you desperately want awakenings but have no money for them buy 4 escape ropes and walk out of the hideout later then protein on the ice punch menu [costs 2 seconds and some Seel range])

Go to sudowoodo use the squirtbottle then run from it.
Fight Drowzee guy- Headbutt+Scratch Drowzee.

If you have literally 0 speed dv you should do Kimonos before Morty. Otherwise go to the gym.
Throughout gym if confident something will be finished off with WG instead of bite, WG it rather than biting again to save super effective text. Heal off sleep whenever put to sleep.

First Guy- Bite x5
Second Guy- Bite x2
Third Guy- Bite, Bite x2, Bite
Heal if you got Night Shaded. (Consider not healing 1 night shade off if you have 13+ dv speed).

Bite Gastly. If it doesn't die, and you don't get cursed, X Speed turn 2 then Water gun. If you get cursed switch to abra (or bellsprout instead if you have it DON'T SWITCH TO SENTRET)
X Speed then Bite x2 Haunter. If you have 13+ dv speed Bite turn 1 and X speed turn 2 instead. Switch out instead of X Speed turn 2 if you get cursed.
Bite x3 Gengar.
Bite x2 Haunter.

Go to the Kimonos. Do Left -> Right unless you have <3dv speed in which case do Umbreon before Espeon.

Switch Headbutt to slot 1 on Flareon.
Flareon- Headbutt+Scratch
Espeon- Headbutt+Scratch
Umbreon- Headbutt x2 + Scratch
Vaporeon- Headbutt x2
If you need to heal for Jolteon (24 maxroll at 27 at 0dv special,) On that menu before Jolteon, heal and repel, then Headbutt +scratch Noctowl (or Headbutt x2 if bad roll or growl) and WG Growlithes and teach Surf on the escape rope menu- don't hit Ernest!
Jolteon- Headbutt + Scratch

As soon as you go outside do this menu
- Heal if <50 HP
- Repel
- Consider tossing any remaining antidotes (probably not advisable unless bad run)
- Teach Surf over slot 4 Water Gun
- Bike from Menu

Go to Olivine City. Head to the mart. Buy a Hyper Potion if you have no super potions (safety strat: buy to have 2 hyper/super potions) and buy 11 super repels. Go to the lighthouse.

First Guy- Headbutt + Surf Noctowl
Second Guy- Headbutt Growlithes with any spare headbutts on 59+ attack @L28L28 (10+dv always gets this, 9dv can sometimes). You need 5 Headbutts after this fight if doing 1 X Attack Chuck and 6 after this fight if doing 2 X Attack Chuck.
Third Guy- Headbutt + Scratch Marill
Avoid Spinner Ernest- If hit then Surf the Machops and Bite x2 Poliwhirl.

Talk to Jasmine then get the rare candy then do this menu.
-Equip Bitter berry if you still have it
-Use rare candy to evolve into feraligator
-Use a super repel
-Swap super repel to slot 1
-Escape rope

If hit spinners consider doing late candy strats (in which case obviously don't candy here). Advisable on 14+ dv speed if have enough extra exp (735+).

Go get Strength.
Surf to Cianwood.
Avoid Spinner Kaylee- if you pause for her then teach Strength over slot 2 scratch on that menu. If you hit her and have Strength strength everything, otherwise Headbutt everything.
Go to Chucks Gym

If on late candy/hit Kaylee with good special and doing Early Jasmine strats then save some surfs and strength some stuff in here instead. If opening the menu anyway at any point in Chucks gym, then (teach Strength first if you didn't already obviously) use Strength from menu at the same time.
Adjust Pre-Chuck Strengths and Surfs as necessary for if hit Ernest (but these notes set out using up all surfs by end of hideout assuming no spinners and headbutt 1 growlithe).

Headbutt+Strength Hitmonlee
Headbutt+Strength Hitmonchan (if no Strength yet then Surf)
Surf Machops
Headbutt+Surf Machoke
Super potion if you have <55 hp.
Surf Mankeys, Headbutt+Strength Primeape

X Attack x1/x2, Strength Primeape
Strength x2 Poliwrath (Headbutt+Strength if did 2 X Attack strats). Heal off sleep, Yolo confusion. (Consider switching on confusion if crit Poliwrath).

Get fly from Chuck's wife. Get the secretpotion from secretpotion guy. Safety strat: talk to secretpotion guy again and buy full heal(s) from him. Walk outside, use a super repel and fly to Ecruteak (down 3).

Go to lake of rage.
Avoid Spinner Benjamin- if hit him strength x2, bite
Masterball Gyarados (renaming it a saves 3 frames if you're perfect), say yes to Lance. Fly to Mahogany (down 2).
Go to the rocket hideout. Watch Lance try to kill that guy with an enormous dragon then follow him down the stairs whilst wondering if you're really doing the right thing here.

Surf everything in hideout. If won't have 3 surfs for magnemite guy save some by strengthing some stuff.
Go fight Magnemite guy then press the switch and go around. Get the free heal from Lance.

Use brain/one of the PP management excel sheets to manage PP properly from here until the heal house. Otherwise use this rough guide that will be slightly inefficient in many specific circumstances.

1st guy: Headbutt x2
2nd guy: Surf x2
3rd guy: Headbutt x2 (consider bite ekans on 15dv), talk to her again for the password
4th guy: Headbutt Ditto
5th guy: Headbutt Raticate, talk to him again for the password.
6th guy: Bite x3
Executive: Headbutt, Strength, Surf. Talk to Murkrow for the password.
Next guy: Surf (+bite) Arbok, Strength (+bite) Gloom, Strength Murkrow
Surf an Electrode, Strength the other two.
Menu, use protein then escape rope.

Go to Pryce's gym.
Consider saving and resetting if you hit Douglas. Also consider screaming for Douglas.
If you hit Douglas bite everything.
Pryce- Strength (+bite) Seel, Strength x2 Dewgong, Surf Piloswine.
Leave the gym, fly to Olivine (down 4), and go to the Lighthouse.
Avoid Spinner Ernest (if you didn't already hit him)- if hit him Headbutt x3 and do Slash strats. (Strength anything this says to headbutt if you run out of headbutts before learning Slash).
Give Jasmine the secretpotion then escape rope and bike to the gym.
Surf x3 Jasmine. Consider how much cooler that fight would have been if you did it like 20 minutes earlier.

Fly to Goldenrod City (up 4), go to the mart.

Safety strat: fly to Violet, bike to the water, surf across and pick up the rare candy item ball before flying to Goldenrod- use it when seems appropriate- if no spinners then after Muk is timed nicely, if Ernest or Benjamin after Magnemite guy on the normal menu is timed very nicely- note this burns not only a fly, the movement and the time actually candying but also gives you L64 after Charizard.

Get Return and buy tm33 Ice Punch. Buy 2 Calciums unless:
1. 15dv special and not 2/3/10 speed (buy nothing).
2. 13dv special and 8-12dv defence. (this gets extremespeed when it wouldn't otherwise, so its pretty borderline- probably shouldn't buy anything).
3. 10/14/15 special and 2/3/10 speed (buy 1 calcium and 1 carbos).
4. 13 special, 10 speed and 13+ defence (buy 1 calcium and 1 carbos).

In this order, buy 5 x special, 11 x attack, 3 x speed(2 if you have 11-14 speed dv, 1 if you have 15 dv speed), 1 guard spec, 2 x accuracy.
Leave the mart and head to radio tower.

(Again, using brain/excel document is better than this pp management).
If hit Ernest teach Slash over headbutt and Slash everything this says to headbutt/bite as well as the growlithe and the magmar. Keep Slash slot 1.
1st guy: Headbutt x2
2nd guy: Headbutt x2
3rd guy: Headbutt grimers, Headbutt x2 Muk. (Or headbutt+bite muk if it will kill).
4th guy: Bite stuff that isn't grimer. Strength grimer unless you have a headbutt spare in which case headbutt it.
5th guy: Surf x3
In the next room bonk menu into the wall to dodge the rotator (look at a top run on to see how to do this) and:
Ether Surf, use any Calciums and Carbos you have, teach ice punch over slot 1 headbutt (teach over slot 3 bite instead if you are doing slash strats). Walk left and you'll pass the rotator.
Next guy: Surf (+bite) Porygon
Executive: Surf the Koffings, Bite+Surf Weezing. If Level 40 for any Koffings, Ice Punch them instead, if L40 for Weezing Surf it and then finish with Bite if surf doesn't kill. Leave then go to the underground. (Pause for a moment in the room with the rotator to not crash into him).

Golbat with 14/15 dv ice punch(bite), or 12/13 with calciums, otherwise x spec and full heal off the confusion(if you have 0 full heals then ice punch). If you have bitter berry equipped, X Spec on Golbat.
Magnemite- if you have przberry and didnt x spec golbat then x spec here and then surf
Meganium- if you havent use x spec yet then do it now then use ice punch
Haunter- Ice punch
Sneasel- Surf

(Again, using brain/excel document is better than this pp management).
1st Guy: Swap Slot 1 Ice Punch with Slot 3 Bite and Bite him
2nd Guy: Strength Muk, bite the others
3rd Guy: Bite Koffing, Strength Muk
4th Guy: Strength Growlithe, Bite Koffing
5th Guy: Bite stuff that isn't Magmar, Strength Magmar
6th Guy: Strength, Ice Punch
7th Guy: Ice Punch x2
8th Guy: Strength, Ice Punch
9th Guy: Bite x2
Talk to the director precisely once then teach return over slot 1 bite and escape rope out. Go back to the radio tower.

1st Guy: Ice Punch x2
2nd Guy: Ice Punch (+Return) Golbat
3rd Guy: Surf, Ice Punch, Return (finish stuff with Return)
Final Guy: Return, Ice Punch, Surf
Get the pink bow from the woman on the floor below then get the radio card from the woman at the counter (A-A-B-A-B)
Leave the tower and fly to Mahogany town (down 2)
Go to ice path. Pause for a moment to not hit the rotator. When past female trainer go up one tile and continue.
Fight Vance- Return x2.

Ice Path:
Use a Super Repel, and when the 1st Super Repel wears off :
Use a Super Repel
Use Strength from the menu
If you're going to need to heal for Clair and have no healing items, pickup the hidden max potion (at the last ice skating puzzle in the penultimate room talk to the middle rock as you crash into it from the right).

Blackthorn City :
On the menu near the upper boulder after the 3rd border :
Use a Super Repel
Heal if need to survive a Hyper Beam from Kingdra (42 maxroll at 0dv)
Toss remaining super potions.
Equip the Pink Bow to Feraligatr
Teach HM06 & HM07 to Gyarados
Reach the gym
First guy: Return all the Dratinis
Second guy: Return Seadra twice
Third guy: Return Horsea, Return Seadra twice.
Fourth guy: Return Dratini, Ice Punch Dragonair
Clair : Ice Punch Dragonairs, Return x2 Kingdra
Exit the Gym, surf north to Dragon's Den, get the dragon fang, use a super repel and an escape rope.

Fly to new bark town (down 0). Go towards the elite four. Dodge the Hassel rotator and the Pokeguy standers.
Cooltrainer: Surf Magneton, Return Exeggcute, Surf Quagsire
Espeon Guy: Return Espeon
Heal in the house.

Dodge Spinner Joyce (Strength everything if hit).
First Guy: Return Victreebell, Returnx1/x2 Kingler, Return Flareon
Second Guy: Return Parasect, Return x1/x2 Golduck
Last Guy: Surf Rapidash or Return on 11+ dv attack if you used 2 calciums/ 15dv attack without calciums. (A carbos counts as a calcium for this).
Use a super repel at some point. Do Victory road. (Don't swagboulder).
Rival: X Spec, Return, Surf, IP, Surf, IP, IP

Buy 11 max repels (or if you're confident you aren't going to mess up your rock tunnel movement and want to use another super repel buy 3 max repels to save an input {due to losing the stack}) and 11 full restores.

Will : X Special
Xatu : Surf
Exeggutor : IP
Jynx : Strength
Slowbro : Return x2-3
Xatu : Surf

Koga : X Special (You can choose to not use the X Accuracy to save a turn - "risky" strat)
If 1st turn is Double Team, use the X Accuracy now
Ariados : Surf
Venomoth : Surf
Forretress : Surf
Muk : Surf + IP
Crobat : IP

Bruno : X Attack x2
Hitmontop : Return
Hitmonchan : Return
Hitmonlee : Return
Machamp : Return
Onix : Surf (IP if Surfed Rapidash)

Karen : X Special
If Umbreon uses Sand-Attack, use an X Accuracy
Umbreon : Surf x2
Vileplume : IP
Gengar : Surf
Murkrow : Return (Surf if still have 4 Surfs left)
Houndoom : Surf

Lance : Gyarados Hyper Beam is around 40-52 (52 maxroll on 0dv)
If in Hyper Beam range, use a HP healing item
* If not & Gyarados uses Hyper Beam, use an X Speed (for Aerodactyl)
Gyarados : Return + Strength
Dragonite 47 x2 : IP x2
Dragonite 50 : Strength + IP (Or YOLO ice punch)
Aerodactyl : Surf (if Ancient Powers boosts, then use IP to kill)
Charizard : Surf

Reset once you can. Then go talk to Elm, then fly to Olivine (down 5) and enter the boat. Go talk to the sailor then go back into the cabin 3rd from the right.
Fight the Sailor- Return x3
Go find the girl to finish the quests then get off the boat.
Super repel, fly to Vermillion (down 1), Bike to rock tunnel.

Don't talk to the hiker, go straight up and let him see you (if you're confident you can do the movement perfectly so the repel will last even if you talk to him then reconsider this and then go straight up anyway).

On bad attack and/or 3/4 speed (if no carbos) consider Early Surge (Early Surge pastebin).

Return Machamp.
Go through rock tunnel (use a super repel inside). Enter the center on the other side to set it as a teleport point. Then go to the power plant and talk to the guy.

Leave and fly to Saffron (down 1), bike to Celadon and go to Erika's gym.

Trainer 1: Return x2
Trainer 2: On 10+ dv attack Return (+strength), Otherwise Ice Punch
Trainer 3: Strength x3
Erika: IP, Return, X Attack + Return, Return

Fly to Saffron (down 1). Reach the gym. Dodge spinner rebecca (strength if hit her), UP-LEFT-DOWN-DOWN.
Sabrina: Return, Return, Return

Bike to Cerulean. Reach the gym. Go do nugget bridge.
1st Guy: Return Oddish
2nd Guy: Surf x2
3rd Guy: Return x2 Tangela/Vaporeon
4th Guy: Strength x3
5th Guy: Return Nidoking
6th Guy: Strength x3
7th Guy: Surf Porygon

Cockblock Misty then fly to Cerulean (up 1)

Misty: Return, X Attack + Return, Return (+Strength), Return
Get the machine part (by foot).
Exit the gym then super repel and teleport. Go give the machine part to the director.

Fly to Lavender town (down 3). Get the card from the tower.

Fly to Vermillion City (up 2)
Go to the Gym
Trainer: Strength x2 (Return x2 if attack dv is 9 or less) (IP x2 if 10+ attack dv and used 3+ strengths on Rebecca/finishing ranges)
Surge: Surf x2, Return, Surf x2

On Menu before Snorlax use a super repel then the radio. Go through digletts cave to reach Pewter. Go to the gym.
Trainer: Return (+Strength) on 10+ DV Attack, otherwise surf
Brock: Surf everything

Go to route 2. Get the max ether. On a menu before route 1, max repel then use the max ether on return. Get to Cinnabar Island.
Talk to Blue then go to the Gym. (Check to see if the spinner is stuck before going around them whilst wondering if it would have been ok if you just Keizacharged).
Blaine: Surf, Return, Surf

Surf to Fuschia, go the gym.
Janine: Return x5

Fly to Viridian (up 2). X Speed if <11 speed dv. X attack twice if 11+ attack, otherwise three times.
Return everything except Rhydon which you surf.

Fly to pallet (up 1) and talk to the prof. Leave, use a max repel then fly to Viridian City.

Go to Mt Silver. When the max repel wears off, max repel again and full restore if your health is less than Pikachu's thunder maxroll (Pikachu thunder maxroll). 194+ never has to heal.
If you have precisely its maxroll kill AI won't be triggered (but it is 1/39 to kill you with a hitting non-crit thunder obviously).

Go talk to red.
Guard Spec, X Speed, X Attack x2
Return Pikachu, Return x2 Venusaur, Return Espeon, Return x2 Snorlax, Return x2 Blastoise, Return + Strength Charizard. (Return x2 if one spare from critting something).

Full Restore off Thunder damage whilst praying he misses the next one unless you've finished setting up (then heal on Snorlax). Full restore off paralysis from Snorlax paralysing you with body slam.

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