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Hi guys. Just started learning the route for Emerald and would like some tips. For starters, how to get better at movement on the mach bike? Its been so frustrating to get the movement down on the thing that I've been just doing practice runs without it while I learn the route.


As frustrating as it may be, the best way to practice mach bike movement is just to practice it a lot. Do the movement in the practice runs and after a practice run, go back and do all the mach bike movement sections a couple times. I've spent several hours just practicing the movement. It can be tedious and annoying, but its honestly the best way to get better. Once you start to get confident, you wont have to practice as much.

As far as generally learning the route goes, practice runs are the way to go. You'll start developing muscle memory and you'll learn it faster than you think you would. You'll also learn what to do in specific situations. Also don't be afraid to ask other runners questions if you're unsure about something.