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Im thinking about give Pokemon Emerald Speedrunning a try, but I just have the german game ``Pokemon Smaragd`` (same as Emerald in german). Am I allowed to use the german version or do I need to buy the english version for speedrunning?


"Runs must be done on English version." per the rules. This is because different languages change the length of time due to characters per text box. I know JPN text is faster than ENG, but not sure on German. But yeah it has to be done in english becuz of text variations leading to faster or slower times.

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There is also the possibility that different languages change stuff like the natures of trainer pokemon (iirc jpn has different natures than eng) and different text length means that you may or may not be able to hit earlier frames for RNG manip or the opposite, which could be an advantage or disadvantage over english.

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