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This May Sound stupid but is it worth thinking about: Get Ralts Trade in Rustboro City, Get Seedot (Seedot is Traded and gets way more xp). Do the run with op Shiftry. Just a random Idea, Maybe Im missing something, Im just a Pokemon Emerald Addict, no speedrunner.

Also in R/S could so the same with Hariyama since it CAN kill flying type pkm with rock moves, just having a problem with psy pkm (also pretty slow tbh).
Tell me what im missing!

oooo also in Firered nidoran trade??

AAAALSO they have longer names, maybe a problem? idk


That sounds like an interesting idea. We need to do a few tests to see if it would actually save time. Any volunteers? 😉

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Seedot gets Naturepower, I don't see any STAB for Nuzleaf and have no clue if there even is an easy leaf stone to grab.

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LeafStone: Route 119
TM Giga Drain from this mountain
With Growth you also dont need X-Attacks
Also pretty early in the ship museum you get TM Thief from Team Aqua as a stab move for Nuzleaf
TM Toxic could be cool too, but I dont think its usefull for speedruns...

Also I checked:
Traded Pokemon get 1.5x the experience


Leaf stone is the easiest stone to grab: its about 50 tiles out of the way surfing right before Rival "3" (surf south from the elixer, it's at the bottom), but the EXP gained doesnt do enough to offset the fact that the Shiftry Line doesn't get enough power (10 less BASE attack than Swampert), lack of access to good doubles moves, and now all of a sudden you have to deal with all these new text boxes because its a trade. STAB Giga Drain sucks in gen 3 because its STILL only 60 base power and ONLY has 5 PP, so you'd be running out of it at every step. Also, the way Emerald in-game trades are, the stats are absolute garbage when it comes down to it. Could be fun for the lols, but most likely nonviable.

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