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Hi I am really interested in running Emerald , but I'm having problems hitting the right frame for the starter. Any helpful tips or tricks I could use?


Is there a guide/video/whatever anywhere that can help with setting up eontimer? I tried to use it a while ago but just couldn't figure it out


Thanks RXFADEZ the EonTimer definitely helped.

XanderWebb479 I don't know if there is a guide but I can tell you a couple things. At the top you want to go to the C tab, that is the custom tab. Then in the top box put in 2000, this will become 2 seconds, this is to time the reset. Then depending on what route your doing you'll have to put in another number. For the normal Naughty Mudkip route you'll put in 17200 which will become 17.2 seconds.

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