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Hello everyone. We are open for any proposals in regards to adding new categories to our Gen 3 category extensions leaderboards.

Please post these requests below this post.

Some of the rules before requesting a new category:

- You must have completed at least one run of the proposed category.
- The goal and the restrictions should not be too arbitrary. The goal of the category should have some appeal in a casual sense of the game or just be a common meme.

Please also request Alt Main Pokes requests here if you have completed a run of this.

Please specify the ruleset that is used for your category precisely, in order for us to be able to copy them over easily.

Should you have any question, join the Pokémon Speedrunning Discord and discuss it in the channel for this generation.

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Requesting Farfetch'd as an Alt Main Poke for FR/LG

Run here:

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Run hasn't been completed yet, but I'll be doing a race of this likely by the end of the Weekend with GZ, so just going to post the ruleset here:

9999 Game Corner Coins (FRLG):
- Save before getting Coin Case in Celadon City. (I will also create an mGBA Save file in the style of the Emmy Battle Factory Category)
- You may not BUY any coins from the desk, You may, however, pick up any Coins from the ground and receive gifts from other patrons. (This rule is to eliminate money as a factor. It's against the spirit of the run to grab other items and fight trainers to buy your way through)
- Time Starts when loading the Coin Case save file and ends when the Credit Counter hits 9999 Coins.

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Pikachu+ (Raichu)

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Pidgey+ (Pidgeot)

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Nidoran(M)+ Nidoking:

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Pokemon all Riboons in Hoenn inspired by r/pokemonribbons

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@SpideysawyerSpideysawyer if you want a category added do a run first and then put a video of you doing it in here


Request for Exploud As An Alt Main Pokemon

I've done a successful run as well here! 🙃


Requesting Pelipper as an Alt Main, here's the run itself:

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