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We all know that emulator are running the game faster but some runners did a great job using the emulator. Speedrun is more than mecanics, routing is also important. That's why i'd like to see a secondary leaderboard for the DS game (if emulator run are submited). here is a run by underscorepoy who uses an emulator. What do you think about it?


I've checked other games, some has a console category and emulator category such as botai (GBA)


As I told you earlier, Poultfloyd, Werster's answer was quite predictible.
All the talk with Pac_ and officials about these stuffs seem to go nowhere, like when I asked it a few months ago; because PokémonSpeedruns officials don't agree.
Looks like a dead end for us.


Pokemonspeedrun's officials point of view is pretty important because as they decide how the pokémon speedruns should evolve and trying something they don't believe in will always fail. We need to understand where our requests/ projects for the pokémon speedrun can't be accepted. So we need to present some arguments. But as a correct answer mods need toi argue too.
Pac may agree about an any language leaderboard he will give the priority to his moderators (and he's absolutely right to do so). Packsciences, keep in mind that the moderators love pokémon speedrun. Prove that you also love it (i have no doubt about it) present a consistent project of leaderboard with many arguments and support (i will do my possible to help you).
PS: my english is pretty bad i'll rephrase if something is not clear


Poultfloyd: Our system for emulators has worked fine and create no issues whatsoever. People can submit emulator runs to leaderboards at anytime, bu encourages runners to use console where emulator gives an advantage (DS games), and when shooting for the absolute best time otherwise (long list of reasons, but has ultimately worked very well). Suggesting that emulator runs be given a separate category is not only redundant, but creates a dumb split of people in what they are running, and creates something that is arbitrary (for example, I could try and get WR in Pearl any% Emulator even tho I already have the console record...incredibly dumb)

PackSciences: I would take you and your propositions for language sub divisions more seriously if we hadn't already caught you submitting cheated runs to the site in the past. If anything because you're an advocate for it makes me care about it a whole lot less.

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