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So I've been wanting to speedrun this game for quite some time now, but I have no idea where to start with the Drilbur manipulation. I know it might be a stretch, but I was wondering if someone could help me out either by making a video or just guiding me through everything from RNG reporter to actually manip on Desmume. Thanks a lot.


I haven't speedrunned this game yet, but I think you go to castelia sewers (or a bit deeper, like in the cave or something), put on a max repel, and wait for the cloud of dust. If it's a drilbur first cloud, then yay, if not, then keep trying.
That's all I know


That's just the regular method of finding a Drilbur whatsoever that you'd expect people to do casually. He's referring to the method that involves RNG manipulation, the one that not only guarantees that Drilbur will appear, but also guarantees that it's a specific one that you get, with good IVs and Nature.

I'm absolutely no expert on it so I'm afraid I can't help, but I'm sure someone else can provide the resources you need.

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oh, ok. I'm kinda new to speedrunning, so all these terms and stuff is kinda new to me. I'll learn though!


@woodland14woodland14 did you every figure anything out? I'm afraid I've run into the same problem


@GoatronGoatron I still haven't tried yet. rip. but crafted did make a guide on youtube