Comments on Arena Showdown (Mission 13)

By DeepDarknessDeepDarkness. Last updated

While grinding Arena for the WRs, I noticed of some interesting things that might help you improve your times on the level.

The level starts with him jumping to a platform, and then he will switch between attacking you and jumping to a different platform. To end the level, you want him to jump to your platform, so that you can kill him with the Viblade, and he will jump to your platform after throwing a pillar at you. Now, what makes him decide to do a good jump? What makes him decide to throw a pillar at you? Is it just random?

For years, I've been thinking that the level is purelly RNG and only RNG. I thought a good time depended only in luck. And that actually made sense, since I tried so many different weapons, I tried to hit him more, to hit him less, and he just seemed to be completely random, no matter what.

Well, I'm glad to say I was wrong. The first jump he does, unfortunatelly, is random. There are like a dozen, or even more, possible places for him to jump the first time, and only 4 of them can lead to a 43 pace run (maybe on Agent, with plasma riffle, we can get him to do a 43 jump at a 5th spot, but I'm not sure of that at all, and I won't check it). And not every place where 43 is possible seems to be 42able.

But, and here comes the interesting part, in all 4 difficulties, his decission of throwing a pillar at you DEPENDS UNIQUELY on how much damage he has taken by then. I think that is cool, actually, I hated this being just a random luck-based level.

So what is the strategy? Get yourself a strong weapon, hit him before the first jump and just as he is landing, and if you did everything right and hit him enough times, he will throw a pillat at you the very first thing. For Agent, something like SuperDragon is fine, both accurate and strong, but even though SuperDragon can work SA, I highly recommend using the Plasma Riffle at least for SA/PA/DA. At first it will be hard to hit him and to predict the platform he's jumping to, but after some grinding you just get used to it. Only by seeing his first steps you can easily predict most of the times exactly where he will land in his first jump, and that saves a good ton of time.

42 is possible both in Agent and SA, since both require the same ammount of Viblade hits in order to kill him, but on PA you need 6 hits instead of 4, so I'm not sure if 42 is possible there. As for Dark Agent, there are 2 Zhang Li instead of one, plan well your moves.

Good luck, have fun. I hope this helped.