Speedrunning While Blindfolded!
4 months ago
North Carolina, USA

Hi there Paperboy 2 Speedrunning Community! I just wanted to share with y'all, that i attempted a Blindfolded Speedrun of the game! Of course it was only the 1st level, but it was basically a test to see if this game can be done Blindfolded in General! And it was, i had fun doing it! It took me 1:30 to beat the 1st level

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United States

Neat! As the record holder in several categories, you would think I would know the answer to what I'm about to ask. Is the house order always the same? Did you manipulate the house order? How do I not know this?

The next task is to time one delivery so you could do the whole week. It would be a gnarley category extension.

North Carolina, USA

@theoryjoe from my experience, it doesn't seem like it's random. I believe it's the same each time!