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So if I use cheats before a run that makes the run invalid? If you think about that point for one second you realize it doesn't hold up. If you play before you run and then cheat while you are not running that clearly doesn't mean a run in which you don't cheat is invalid.


Never said that but if a cheat is still "half-activated" during the run it makes it invalid. You just come up with bad arguments and things that I've never said.


I explained multiple times why the cheat is not activated during the run, halve it, quarter it or third it as you please, you never even responded to any of those statements nor did you bring points against it. You also continually try to enforce the point that if a feature of a command is present the command is.

And for some quotes: "You CHEAT by "half-activating" noclip. "

  • Which is done before the run, see above.

"Really? "Just because it is a feature doesn't mean it's active." "

  • How about instead of quoting me with a nothing-statement you bring a point to why my argumentation is, following your opinion, wrong, instead of simply trying to restate your point?

"Yes, you load a save where noclip is not activated BUT you load from a state where it is activated. This gives you the ability to see in oob, which is one of the features of noclip."

  • This post encourages the point of yours being that as long as a feature of some command is active, the command is active, which you later encourage through various mentions of "half-activated".

There is only one valid point which makes you a cheater and you ignore it.

I'm done. Either you just switched off your brain or you're trolling and if you are then just ban yourself as a moderator.

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Hey @ all calm down a bit you both have a point! The thing is PistonMiner Actually Runs this game and Neksus does not.

So please stay polite!

Just to see how the people actually think:

Note: this is not to vote for the actual rules section it´s just there to see what the community thinks...

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P1 Done P2 is a Portal 2 mod, right ? Portal 2 is a Source mod ? I think you should post a thread on if you aren't agreeing with the rules to discuss about it; so other SourceRuns could help you managing this. I don't run P1 Done P2, but I think sv_cheats should be off, else it's a cheated run, but it's just my opinion. However PistonMiner does run the game and Neksus doesn't. If you want to redo rules like recently on Portal1/Half-Life 2; just post a thread on SourceRuns to ask about it. I am convinced that if PistonMiner is told by the global SourceRuns community that sv_cheats should be off during the whole run (or not), he would follow this rule.

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