Poll - Change Timing End?
7 years ago


It has been proposed that timing should end not at seeing the D-Pad logo after beating the game, but instead on losing control of Otus in the final dream sequence.

If the proposed change goes through, times currently on the board will be altered to accommodate this change.


We already had a community vote on this, maybe two months ago? This change would be pretty much irreversible so I'm really not a fan of trying to change it again, unless there are some good new reasons presented. The ending is still a part of the game that needs to be beaten, as you still have control and it is possible to lose/gain time based on how fast you press Esc/select and if you do the right inputs. In fact several runners have lost >10s on various runs where they didn't skip the falling cutscenes, credits, or even both. Additionally, wouldn't this be even harder to time with the load remover? Those are my thoughts on it I guess. I know I've only done a couple of runs so my opinion probably doesn't hold as much weight, but I am planning to relearn the game in the summer, or maybe even before then, so the rule set still matters to me.

Virginia, USA

I feel like aside from marathon purposes, the reason why people want to change the timing is because they feel everything after the gate adds nothing to the run. Yes you have to do a few inputs afterwards but after the gate, you aren't "playing the game" any more. You're just reading dialogue and watching a cutscene.

As far as timing goes, it doesn't get very difficult. People just have to be ready to end time the moment they lose control of Otus.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the matter. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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