Dupe glitch for ingredients
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Dupe glitch for ingredients

Just found a glitch in the final level that will speed up things for runs.

In Phase 2 (Burgers) there are two conveyor belts. Just place a cut / cooked ingredient on the end of either of the belts, then pick it up with anything but your hands and you will pick it up while it also stays on the belt (so you dupe it).

Works with cut uncooked meat, cut salad and tomatoes.

E.g. put cut meat there, then pick it up with an empty pan and it'll dupe.

E.g. put a cut tomato there, then pick it up three times with an empty pot and it will instantly fill with three tomatoes.

Gonna investigate if this works in other levels with conveyor belts as well.

[can only speak that it works on the PC version]

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