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4 years ago
Dublin, Ireland

Howdy/Kiaora/G'day/umm... hello,

I was just wondering if you guys plan to implement a heart attack high score? Or Outrun mode score NOT based on time but rather score?

Additionally, do you plan on doing scoreboards for the Bonus Stage 1 (SCUD Race) and Bonus Stage 2 (Daytona USA 2: Power edition) tracks? If so, please note that it would be worth doing a separate leaderboard for the Japanese version of these trackss as there are subtle but very visible differences. I've detailed the main differences in the description of some YT videos I made years ago:

Bonus Stage 1

Bonus Stage 2:

Centre, France

I for one wholeheartedly concur with all of those requests ! :- )

But unfortunately, I'm not sure that speedrun.com currently provides a way to use scores instead of times ... I hope I'm wrong ! Here's a topic I found : https://www.speedrun.com/The_Site/thread/1gbee Discussion ongoing since last year, so this may not happen anytime soon.

Meanwhile, adding Japan/West leaderboards for those bonus stages would be an excellent reason to enjoy those stages again. Please PRiSONER, PeteDorr, make this happen ! 0:- )

United States

I don’t think we can implement high score leaderboards, like Wiz said the site doesn’t really support that yet. I think adding Japan/west as a miscellaneous category should be fine, or if they work better as an individual level leaderboard (the more likely choice) we can do that instead. Let’s wait to hear from prisoner first.

Dublin, Ireland

I'll probably just stick to Time Attack leaderboards. Outrun and Heart Attack mode require different tactics to play for the best scores. Despite what the sticky (closed) topic says, it's not simply fastest time = highest scores in Outrun mode. This is even more evident in 2SP/2006 with the slipstream mechanic. Outrun is very much a high score mode and not a speed test (though doing what needs to be done fast helps).

Dunno if there is an OutRun 2SP/2006 board but if so, I hope the time attack leaderboards there have normal and OR cars separate as their behaviour is totally different

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