LevelFirst place
Archways of Enoch (Expedition)
Boom Town (Expedition)
Chem Plant (Expedition)
City of Nomads (Expedition)
Colosseum (Expedition)
Frontline (Expedition)
Heart of the Wild (Expedition)
Marshland Caverns (Expedition)
Molten Depths (Expedition)
Mountain Outpost (Expedition)
Paxian Homestead (Expedition)
Scorched Lands (Expedition)
Stargrave (Expedition)
The Drought Palace (Expedition)
The Marshal's Complex (Expedition)
The Wellspring (Expedition)
Timeworn Spire (Expedition)
Eye of the Storm (Expedition)
Trial of Tarya Gratar (Trial)
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Updated Leaderboard For Worldslayer

Updated leaderboard to add Trial of Tarya Gratar and its individual rooms. Changed the "CT 15" and "Any CT" to say "AT 15" and "Any AT" since the new levels are called apocalypse levels. Please message me or Archy if you have any questions or suggestions.

1 year ago
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