FPS Limiter

Attached you will find a script (both a stand alone .exe as well as an .ahk file) that will allow you to toggle the FPS cap set in "Riva Tuner Statistics Server" between 144, 100 and 60 FPS. For this script to work you must use RTSS 7.0+ and the window must be open (it doesn't have to be in focus, it can be behind an exclusive fullscreen application). The default keybind for toggling between 100 and 60 is F9. To set FPS to 144 the key is F4. If you use the .ahk file you can edit that to your liking. If you want to use (or edit) the .ahk file you have to download the AutoHotkey software, if you just want to use the script with the default keybind, you can just use the Base Script. Both files must be executed with administrator privileges in order to be able to interact with the RTSS window while it is not in focus. (direct download)

By CreamSockCreamSock

Outlast 2 Demo

Download to the demo (external link)

By Red Barrels

Outlast 2 Load remover

Add scriptable autosplitter to your livesplit layout, select this file. Set your comparison to Game Time to see time without loads. (direct download)

By Timbouton & Streamingfire

Outlast 2 Load Remover (v2) (PC Only)

Add scriptable autosplitter to your livesplit layout,select this file. Set your comparison to Game Time to see time without loads. Updated for the May 5th Patch. (direct download)

By TimboutonTimbouton

Outlast 2 No Checkpoint Mod

This is a DLL Injection. Its function is to send a ImGui overlay into Outlast 2. The main function of this mod is to disable the checkpoint killing feature found in the game. Instead of killing you, the game will save and continue to progress like normal. Your antivirus will be triggered by this. This is because it changes the game memory and uses hook functions (direct download) (direct download)

By KunoDemetriesKunoDemetries


All Checkpoints

Save files for each checkpoint in the game for practicing purpose. Instructions included. (direct download)

By finathfinath




Any% No Stamina .ini File

DefaultGame .ini file with stamina disabled for the Any% No Stamina category. Make a backup of your DefaultGame file before you replace (direct download)

By AlexisDRAlexisDR