2 years ago
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

And the 100% Category? Could be intersting.

Queensland, Australia

I am 100% in support of a 100% category ;)

Just need to define what makes it 100%.

Is it just all mark of the gods? Is it mark of gods + breakables?

I personally would make the All Marks category, rather than "100%". However open to others ideas. I'll implement what the consensus is.

(Otherwise if no one gets back to us, if you want to just run something that interests you we can make it a category and work out what it is called).

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hello, sorry for the 1 year delay, I kinda do a lot of stuffs and only noticed you replied today.

Anyways, I need to revisit this game, have years since I dont play it, but in my opnion, I think it can be intersting to collect all the stuffs for 100% (Marks and breakables) but maybe a separated category for All Marks can work if it changes a lot, the route, time, etc.

And, I do plan to speedrun this game, not sure when, but this is one of the games which is on my list to run in future.

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