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A few days ago I finally got around to asking Amora and Saint of Studio Miniboss if I could still purchase the Desura version of OTS.

Unfortunately the Desura version is only available in a demo which ends long before the end of the game...

Here's the conversation:

At first I was sad because I didn't think I would be able to experience it but once again Studio Miniboss has given me hope and enjoyment.

A little later I received an email:

Attached were some truly amazing things. Not only was the Desura Release included, which is called 'Out There Somewhere - Voskhod Edition'- the version the game art in the sidebar is from, but the first original soundtrack, an old fashioned game guide insert which covers content that was planned but was cut from the final release and the first prototype of the game which is so much different from even the Voskhod Edition!

If anyone is interested I would love to do a stream to showcase all of this for you guys!

Desura OTS Demo:
Screenshot of the Voskhod Edition title:
Screenshot of the first prototype title:
Screenshots from the game guide:


Pretty cool! It's also nice to see a lit bit more about the lore around OTS. Also, for some reasons i never noticed that grigori had a giant hole in him.

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Yeah that hole in Grigori I can't unsee it now. It was weird when I first looked for it after reading the game manual, the stars in the background of the level that scroll by you can see them through him.

Yuri also has a red upside down TriForce as his belt buckle. Also possibly going to be in the sequel, Little Kurly, Yuri's most loyal friend and companion is a dog of sorts.

Here's a highlight of the showcase I did of the game manual and the Voskhod Edition of Out There Somewhere.

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