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Michigan, USA

I updated some tutorial materials I had made, and so I will post those here! Forgive the double-posts, but I think it'll be a little cleaner to have separate posts for each video.

First, here is a beginner-friendly route for Any% IGT, which just showcases the "baseline" path through the game. No skips or boost jump exploits are used. I make a few mistakes, and stop to explain some things, but sub-10:00 is absolutely achievable here.

I will soon re-record my intermediate route, which introduces boost jumps, air jumps, GBJ, and CJS.

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Michigan, USA

Double post alert! Ban Busker!

A while back, I made a tutorial for the Lost Mountaintop Out-of-Bounds skip (LMOOB). I have since improved at both executing and explaining the trick, so I decided to make a tutorial to cover all three places to circumvent the came boundaries: Lost Mountaintop (LMOOB), Forgotten Ruins (FROOB), and Jumping Over (JOOOB).

If the Beginner Tutorial makes sub-10:00 realistic, and my eventual Intermediate Tutorial brings sub-8:00 into play, consider this my Advanced Tutorial. Executing these three OOB skips should make sub-7:00 not only possible, but consistent!

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Michigan, USA

Triple post alert! Busker needs to be shadowbanned from! Where did we find this guy?

Here's an intermediate tutorial. Again, the run is "slow" on this one, but I take the time to do a couple tricks two or three times. I got a 7:16 using only the strats in this video (and back then, that was good for 4th place!), so 7:30 is definitely a realistic goal when you start implementing some of these strategies.

Depending on viewer interest I can make separate tutorials for boost jumps and air jumps, as well as perhaps Triple Crossed Skip.

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Michigan, USA

The tutorial monster strikes again! This time with some chat!

To get the most out of this, I recommend being fairly comfortable with Any% IGT - but please branch out sooner, not later! I want the All Collectibles leaderboard to grow just like Any% IGT has! (I was the 28th new runner, and we're up to 44 now!)

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