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I was wondering if there is anything that prevents a proper Switch run of this?


a bunch of stuff got patched out (SA, double bashing, key duping, and i believe rocket jumps? not sure abt that one) and rebindings werent implemented into the game so its generally jsut a pain, although u could run stuff like any% SR where glitches arent as used as in say asnoobta


Nothing prevent you from doing an actual run on switch. It's totally not suggested only cause the majority of the main tricks got patched ( like SA) or completly changed (doorwarp) due to hardware differences. You can't hide UI either so you are force to liosten to sein speaking and watch a lot of cutscens that normally are skipped.

If you wanna run on switch tho you are free to do it, the community don't stop it at all. ^^

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