Unzip the package, then run debug.bat once to enable debug mode. Press 8 (or R3 on controller) in-game to open the debug menu. You may have to restart your game if it was open while running the script for the changes to take effect. (direct download)
Last Updated: Example target splits for various goal times in all skills (no OOB/TA). These can be copy/pasted into LiveSplit as a new comparison to get a clearer understanding of what kind of pace you need to achieve your goal time. (external link)
Last Updated:
A map with filters to show/hide some pickups and a tool for tracing route or placing markers (external link)
Last Updated:
Useful tool to rebind keys without worrying about syntax; make sure is legal with the constraints of the rulesets of various categories before doing full runs utilizing this tool. (external link)
Last Updated:
practice saves for all cells no oob/ta. all documentation is in the readme included within the zip file (direct download)
These saves alternate in a pattern of Save, Save, Empty Save, for ease of copying over to the slot to the left/right of the one you want to use. To use these saves extract all the .sav files into your /user/appdata/local/Ori and the Blind Forest DE folder. This zip of saves goes from In game save 3 to In Game save 49 to leave room for the Practice Mod linked in #tas-and-mods in the Discord. Hopefully this is useful for people wanting to get into All Cells NR. (direct download)
practice saves for all skills no oob/ta, take a look at README.txt for more info (direct download)
This is a glitched dead One Life save that will automatically start with OL+ without requiring any setup, while also being on Normal difficulty. Very convenient for practising OL+ categories. Rename to "saveFileX.sav" (where X is your preferred slot number -1) to use. (direct download)
Splits for every cell so that you know if you miss one. Zip also contains a layout for subsplits and a text file that can be used to repair the autosplitter settings if for some reason it does not download correctly. (Splits are originally from Jitae) (direct download)
Included is Livesplit subsplits and a layout for All Cells No Restrictions skipping the 4th health cell in glades early on. Autosplitter is configured for hitbox Teleport to Glades after Ginso, Misty Entrance/Sorrow finished, Teleport to Glades after Forlorn, Clip to Grotto from Blackroot (see:, Grotto 4 energy door under water cell, Blue wall by Glades 4th health cell, and Ginso Teleporter after Glades Cell loop. (Splits were heavily inspired by Sigmasin's splits) (direct download)
Blank splits with autosplitter settings. (direct download)
Blank splits and layout for Any% Selected Restrictions including autosplitter settings for the BRB Entrance and Horu rooms. Find more details in the README. (direct download)