This is max child bosses ( Any input on the name is highly appreciated I'm thinking, Max Bosses As Child ) It could even potentially be added to boss RTA (as child) under the Max filter. I also have a route document with all the essential details.
Goal: Defeat All Possible Bosses As Child Link And Gain Their Respectable Stone / Medallion From Source
Timing starts: File Select Of A New File
Timing ends: The First Frame Of The Ganon Death Cutscene
Restrictions: None

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(Idea by SmashMac, routing by Condor + SmashMac)

Go Camp and Die%.

Goal: Die in the tent in Gerudo Valley

Timing starts: File select of a new file

Timing ends: The frame link dies in the tent

Restrictions: None

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New category Idea: sans%

Here is a vod of the whole category WORLD RECORD:

Rules: You must obtain the skull mask and the fairy ocarina, then go to the temple of time graveyard and play the start of megalovania (A A c-Up c-Right)




i didnt come up with this category but sometime ago i saw someone streaming them routing this.
the goal is to use the hookshot as a child (after pulling out the sword (shield is needed)) link will "salute"
sometime ago i made a leaderboard for this on my site
(this must have been made around the time equip swap was found)

This is the WR on my site (by bobo)


All Child Dungeons, No Spiritual Stones:

How this works:

You do the Child Dungeons, Then when you get to the blue warp you drop a bomb right next to the blue warp and backflip at the right time to trigger the warp, but to kill you and make link drop. Stupid Idea but I messed around with it and i thought it was fun.


All Grottos:

You open all the Grottos around the map and you collect the item in them (etc. Chest, Skulltula, Cow Milk....)


Race to zelda would be a good one to put in here I think. There's several runs of it, current record holder is Zudu.

Here's his run:

Here's mine that he beat:

Here's an early run from Splint:


Hi guys,

I think "Kill Ganon" should be a category. Here's a run I found, it's pretty impressive. If you can come up with a better name that's fine, and ideally it would be on the main leader board, but anything is fine as long as the category is recognized. Thank you for reading as I await the reply.




Low% 3 items
The three items are sword, shield, and nuts