I had a thought for a new category, but I’d like some input first
5 years ago
North Carolina, USA

So I was watching a max% child run by ZFG, and a random thought came to my head of a theoretical category where child link kills all of the bosses in the game. Kind of like boss rta (child) but with all bosses in a single run.

Unfortunately: I have nowhere near enough knowledge of the game to realize how entirely improbable this category really is, so I’d like to ask something:

How many bosses can be beaten by child link? Furthermore, how many of those bosses can be reached by child link?

I’d be working under the assumption that all glitches would be allowed as even a limited ruleset would more than likely make most of this entirely impossible.

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Your question is answered by just looking at the item list for Max% Child. The only one child can’t get is Spirit Medallion, primarily because of not being able to equip Mirror Shield.

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