Emulator Rescources

Links and information for accepted emulators, ROMs, and BIOS files. (external link) (external link)

By SpirasterSpiraster


Fork of with Pokemon speedrunning-related changes. Requires a bios file to run, so feel free to ask for help setting up in the discord (see forum). (external link)

By DabomstewDabomstew

Hitbox Viewer

Lua Script for viewing hitboxes in the Oracles to be used on Bizhawk. (direct download)

By Trianull

Lua Scripts for Oracles

Lua scripts to use with Bizhawk for Oracle of Ages/Seasons. This can be used to do all sorts of things, such as toggling Walk Through Walls, giving yourself items, checking the RNG seed and Link's precise position among other features. Video Demonstration can be found within the link. (external link)

By DrennDrenn


Japanese Gambatte and BGB Savestates

Savestate pack for the main any% route. Includes savestates across the run and at certain tricks. Also included between savestates are two pictures for star ore and rusty bell locations. Savestates from Gambatte-speedrun are apparently not compatible with (my) standard version of Gambatte. Therefore the old savestates are included as a second set which do not work on Gambatte-speedrun but should work on other standard versions of Gambatte. (direct download)

By dragonc0dragonc0




Interaction HUD Patch (JP Only)

Simple patch displaying used interaction slots in place of hearts. Useful for practicing Rooster Adventure and deloading. (direct download)

By janglerjangler