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3 years ago
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This is a thread that is going to be dedicated to any and all rule changes that will happen within Munch. We will try our best to keep this updated so people can understand what things changed and why.

United States
  • (New Rule) If the game has no audio all new runs will be rejected
  • The timer will start after the player has pressed "Play Game", and end as soon as the last cinematic starts.

  • (New Rule) Some moderate frame drops are acceptable when submitting a run. However, any run with significant video footage missing OR substantial amounts of missing audio will be subject to removal based on the discretion of the moderators.

  • (New Rule) Any cheat codes or external software will automatically cause the run to be rejected. This would include programs able to alter the game memory values or access them with cheating ways.

  • (New Rule) No files are allowed to be edited within the game. This includes custom sounds, animations, and all cutscenes must be present within the game files in order to have accurate loading times.

  • (New Rule) Any run new or old that no longer has video evidence will be instantly rejected. If the video is later re-added then the run will be reverified by a moderator to ensure the integrity of the run still stands.

  • (New Rule) If the timer is started or stopped late, then the time will be corrected by a verifying moderator.

  • (New Rule) If the runner can not use Nvidia Inspector, then it is recommended to revert back to the Original Build of the game. (Only applicable on PC versions)

  • (Individual Levels New Rule) Categories with n/a as the world record holder can not be ran. Any submission to those categories will be rejected.

  • (IndividualLevels Rule Update) The timer starts when the runner clicks "Restart" on the specific level and ends when the next loading screen appears.

  • (Individual Levels) Added rules to all IL's that previously did not have them.

  • (Individual Levels New Rule) Individual-level runs can not be submitted from a full-game run. They must be started individually.

  • Updated category rules to account for the main rule changes.

  • (New Individual Level Rule) For Rasins Cave the level must be started from the "Play Game" screen and ends as soon as the loading screen for Spooceshrub Forest appears.
  • (Black Quarma) At the end of level Loading Dock after the cutscene you must show the Black Quarma Screen.
  • (Black Quarma) Total Kills must be 287 and Quarma must be Black. This category is only possible with the known clipping glitch.

Added Any% 60FPS as a new category

  • (New Rule) All new runs will have to display fps either by capturing the game in a windowed mode or an external program called MSI afterburner.
  • (New Rule) Runs must be capped at 60FPS these have been added to Any% Clipless, 100%, 100% Clipless, and Black Quarma.
  • (New Rule for 100% and 100% Clipless) Just before leaving Vykkers Suites you must show the quarma screen.
  • (New Rule) If an unintentional crash occurs the time until the last saved game can be removed by the verifying moderator. However, If the runner intentionally takes advantage of this, the time will not be removed.

Added a new category "Good Quarma" Reach to the end of the Vykkers Suits by saving a minimum amount to reach good Quarma.

  • (New Rule Good Quarma) At the end of loading dock you must not use the bypass glitch to skip the bad ending cutscene. Added Black Quarma category for Individual Levels. On clipless, the player is now allowed to phase through the explosive barrels. This was voted on in the community discord.
  • (New Rule) After pressing the "play game" button in the main menu, the runner is not allowed to quickload or load a save file that was not made during the same run.

IGT is now the default timing method. Any run that doesn't have IGT will use RTA in its place.

  • (100% and 100% Clipless Individual Levels) Quarma Check Before exiting you must show either the board with them all saved or the "Quarma Check" option in the pause menu.
  • (The Loading Dock Individual Level) The player must use the correct save in order to have the run be valid. This means: Any%, Any% 60FPS, Any% Clipless, and Black Quarma must have the bad ending. 100%, 100% Clipless, and Good Quarma must have the player progress into Labor Eggs.

The new autosplitter created by @LegnaX and @wjb1114 has been released and can now be activated on the splits.

This autosplitter now gives the runner 2.9 seconds for a quicksave, anything past that will cause the timer to pause. This ensures that performance issues will no longer be effected by quicksaving. Loading screens, quick loading times, pop up messages, and handstone interactive times have also been removed.

  • Merged Any% and Any% 60fps to one category
  • 60FPS Cap is now a global rule
  • Runs that were in any% 60fps were moved over to any%
  • Meep Herding% - Heard all sheep in "Meep Hearder Village"
  • (Cliplesss) Added " Death Abuse is defined as purposefully killing a player character to take advantage of another glitch, such as permanent vendo powerups or respawning through collision, but this list is not all inclusive. ANY instance of abusing character death to perform another glitch counts as Death Abuse."
  • (Black Quarma) Added "Native Mudokons Need to be resurrected and killed manually"
  • (Removed)The Nvidia Inspector program is the only exception since it allows runners to change their FPS.

  • (Removed)If the runner can not use Nvidia Inspector, then it is recommended to revert to the Original Build of the game. (Only applicable on PC versions)

  • (Added) if a runner has a monitor that runs at a higher hz such as 144hz then the runner must change the hz of the monitor down to 60hz

  • Changed "Console" To SD
  • (Added) HD variable
  • (Updated Rule) Runs must be capped at 60FPS or 30FPS

Add a Variable, a dropdown box to select wither you are running at 30FPS or 60FPS

New global rules will be added for all of the games. These rules are fairly understood within the community, however, we deemed it safer to have them officially be on the rule page to remove any sort of confusion.

  • (New Rule) Runs involving music or heavy external sounds that compete with the in-game audio are subject to removal based on the discretion of the moderators.

  • (New Rule) Users that submit runs then delete them and resubmit them repeatedly may be subject to a temporary submission ban depending on the circumstances. This determination is going to be on a user-by-user basis.

  • (Category rename). The term clipless has been renamed to NMG so Any% Clipless to Any% NMG and 100% Clipless to 100% NMG(No rule changes just terminology change)
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