High score runs format changes
3 years ago
Denver, CO, USA

Howdy folks. I'm going to be making a couple of formatting changes to the main high score board.

First, we will drop the last 3 places in the score (the hundreds) for the "time" submission. So a score of 5674380 would be entered into the time field as 5s674ms. I'm guessing that we'll never see a 60 million score in the main category but we'll figure it out if that happens.

Second, a custom variable will be added to the submission process where you can enter the full score including the hundreds. SRC does not let us rank runs by their variable so this is mostly for accuracy and the very unlikely event of 2 scores being within 999 points of each other. In the unlikely event of a tie, the universe will probably implode or something.

Probably going to work on it tonight unless anyone has a last minute objection. Thanks folks!

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Denver, CO, USA

The above changes are implemented and runs adjusted accordingly. Please poke at me if you have any questions!

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