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Some level and world runs use items that save a few seconds, like the Penguin suit and Propeller mushroom, but some don't, so I was wondering if low% could be a category in level and world runs.

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Just git gud with the powerup lmao

But for real there isnt any demand and it seems kinda arbitrary so they most likely wont be added. You can run and submit with that restriction if you would like, though!

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I also think would be a good idea.
In fine, there are a lot of levels that have the WR with the penguin, and I think would be so nice a leaderboard of low% ILs, minimum from all the levels that been abuseds so much with powerups.
For example, 8-C low%, would be inclusive harder tan with the propeller, so would be so nice. Or 8-SHIP low%, that also would be so part more milimetric without propeller, for example the second part, when all the peope use the propeller to basically skip all lmao.

@DiamondcrafterADiamondcrafterA thats also true, but, for example:I
magine that I have an IL run of 8-C, and that I do another run of IL 8-C but in low%.
I cant submit the 2 , so lol


Most low% ils would be way more boring than any% ones. If you really wanna do low% and submit it, go ahead but just know that you cant get a “competitive” time.

And if you care SO much about low%, just run the full game category because it wont be added to ils.

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@DiamondcrafterADiamondcrafterA okey, thats yes, thats true.
But, realy, there are levels that are competitive in low% lmao.
"Most low% ils would be way more boring than any% ones"
Only I say that, with the concept idea of "boring", that is completly subjective. Maybe a lot of people think like you, but its not 100% true lmao.


Well don’t get your hopes up. I don’t understand why certain people can’t grasp the idea that specific categories or runs don’t have to be on the leaderboard for you to run it.

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@PidgeyProwlerPidgeyProwler I simply be objective, to be "more boring" is completly subjective.
I just comment.


And, by the way, like profesional cunter that I am (realy no so much but lol lmao :V), this is minimum THE 5TH TIME that I look the sentence of "don’t have to be on the leaderboard for you to run it" / "you dont need a leaderboard to run it" only into 2/3 diferentes games forums, 5 diferents threads, in no more tham 4 weeks.

Okey, is completly true, but dude, I am a Little bit tired of that argument :V jaja.

I perfectly understand this, but I dont understand how that can be an argument to not have a leaderboard.
To something can be do it without nothing, is not mean that to have something can be better to do that, no only with leaderboards lol lmao.

No matter.

Ps: no idea what is "grasp" (sorry my enlish level is so bad)