I just started trying to speedrun this game and I am looking for any tips thank you


Try watching other peoples runs and practice what they do, go step by step like watching a 26 minute run first rather than going for wr strats. Dont reset over small things and have fun :3


Try to look at the ingame time in the top right and get close to it for each level, maybe tying it. When you are ready do those maneuvers in full game runs.

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i recommend watching the video playlist of strats which is believe is under guides, it has beginner strats that can be done relatively consistently for beginners. try to get consistent with those strats, and when you're doing runs, focus on not getting hit. if you have any specific questions, i recommend joining the discord because you'll probably get a faster answer there and it is more active. Have fun!


thank you also i am in the discord I'm Raisumiruku#7373

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