ppl made me get banned from the discord server

what do i do now? i cant get guides since they are all confusing


WDYM by the guides are confusing? Have you tried looking at the videos or are you running something thats not any%?

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Also looking at other runs is a great way to learn, its not perfect for all the levels but I pretty much learned all the levels till 7-1 in the any% run just by doing that

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If you're banned from the server it's for a good reason. We aren't tyrans. So don't start that thing here, it's not the place.

Guides are confusing ? wdym ? Guides are all good, and like ThatOneGuy said, watching runs of others peoples is a thing to learn categories.

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Might I add that when the leaderboards first came out, you started spamming the guides with dumb nsmbudx tutorials that, when opened, said something stupid like "just go fast". Complaining that there are no guides for this game is incredibly immature, if you had actually looked you would see 2 guides for both nsmbudx and nsludx created by mchan and I in which we spent hours and even days creating.

So why dont you pack up your attitude and go someplace else.

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First of all, I'm not really that guy to have lots of attitude, I'm just asking a reason for my ban.

Secondly, all of the things in the guides are really confusing me... I might pick up Lachurs guide since I haven't got that one yet.


Im confused with what you mean firstly. Secondly why are you complaining about the guides if you havent looked at one of them, you havent put any context into anything whatso ever

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How arr the guides confusing? There are four guides, one of them it literally just a video of how to do 1 thing iirc. The other one is a route compairison, and the other two are the actual routes. Unless you dont understand how to do the tricks (which besides for minor details and be mostly learned by seeing and doing (but not all of them of course)) then i dont see how they can be confusing.

About you getting banned, you probably spammed or did something else to annoy the mods. Usually mods arent people sho ban willy nilly without any thought to it.

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Dude stop playing a comedy with your ";-;"

The guides are all good like I said and I don't see where is the confusion.

And for the ban, it's because you spammed the server with dumb messages. Now assume your acts.

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Also it's not the first time you do dumbs things on nsmb series boards.

I won't enter in the details and it's not the place but it's not you with the fake 113 hrs run of 100% in nsmb2 ?

So how can we talk to you without problems if you do that kind of shit ? Just think about that.

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Actually I saw the guide myself and it looks amazing. I wish more leaderboards had this. The guide also seems to have as many details as it can and that's needed. Where did you find confusion in this?

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@Lachurs and I both have tutorials for every single IL linked on our guides. What is confusing about that? If you have any further questions about our guides, then do not feel obligated to ask us.

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If you don't understand the guides, just watch the videos repeatedly and kindly ask others. You don't have to complain here dude. It's a forum, not an appeals conference.

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To be honest at least about the discord ban literally everyone spams. I run nsmb2 (or at least I will) and in that channel there were like 100 messages saying Mitch PR when or something. I don't know why you'd get banned for just spamming. like in the nsmbw server everyone spammed ohp imcluding me and Walrus got mad

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He got banned for spamming after MULTIPLE mods told him (and everyone else that was spmming) to stop. Him being new to the server and disobeying the mods landed him a ban. Eevee said that they were being lenient with everyone else because we had been in the server for a while but it needs to stop. (There is now a bot to prevent it.) And no, not “literally everyone” spams.

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I don’t want this argument going any further so I’m locking this thread. If @Lusonice2021 created another thread I am deleting it instantly. As for the ban, eevee warned you land you continued to act immaturely so she just banned you after asking the rest of the mods if we should.

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