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Hi guys I made a logo for this website in NSMBU style using Gimp, hope u like it... You can put it in the top left corner!GWBHjQia!qOGwH8ssO8QDv3zV8Qu4JWWplZHdfrNPYFZ1FRg0Ek4

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The logo looks sick !

Btw @Sewiferos don’t send the same message 3 times.

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Chances are it didn’t load the first time so they clicked it 2 more times, which sends it 3 times. If it doesn’t load just be patient.


Try to copy the link, if you click on it it doesnt work on my laptop either


Give it a bit of a polish up and I’ll definitely add it


What do you mean? but potentially yes i can do that


its a bit rough around the edges thats all e.g. the top of the 'new' logo is cut off and the joycons are a bit rough apart from that its fine

Also with any further inquiries please join the discord server:

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I am not sure what I think about it even if it's more polished, I think it's more important to have a better background for the board to begin with. The current one is kinda blurry and zoomed in, the one on the normal NSMBU board is not. Maybe I wen't too much offtopic now though.


Please the discord for any inquiries the mods are alot more active there

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Ok, I'll bring it up there next time. But since I have already bringed it up here and you're a mod, I won't need to bring it up there this time.


I love the art. With a bit of polish i think it should be implemented