How to change language?
8 months ago
United States

How do I change the language on my game? My pb is 30:27 with English, (not great ik) but I want to get optimal language. Any suggestions?

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Minnesota, USA

Pretty sure all languages of this game are the same exact speed because there isn't any text scrolling. If there was a difference I believe the only way to get a different language is to buy a cartridge from a different region.

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Arizona, USA

Yea you can’t manually change the language in-game. You would have to buy a cartridge from a different region like @DiamondcrafterA mentioned.

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Ok, I was confused because the wr video uses what I believe to be french, but J_duude is from Canada, where French is spoken. That is what got me confused.

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Arizona, USA

That's because the System Language was changed from English to French. This also causes the game cartridge's language to change. Also, it's in French because it's a way for J_duude to practice the language.

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Oh, that's cool.

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