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For anyone interested in recreating everyone's favorite All-Somethings category in this game, I have played "All Forts" (All Towers) a few times. I know one submission does not a leaderboard or category make, but I'm putting this here in case there's interest from others.

Route skips most of The Ice, Water, and Jungle worlds using the secret exits out of Worlds 2 and 4.


There're already a category on the Category Extension sheet done by @Mchan338Mchan338


So your run will be listed there once Mchan will look at it


The sheet should be more public, like under the recourses tab or in a stickied forum post.

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Sorry. I saw this post very late. I don't really look at forum posts that often but I finally added your run onto the extensions @mrcab55mrcab55

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