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4 years ago
California, USA

I should make a post of this because I've been getting activities of this as of lately.

Global Rules:

-All runs must require video proof. Submitting YouTube channels, memes, or screenshots are unacceptable. No vid, no did. Submitting splits with video is optional -Abide by all of the category rules -When submitting ILs, the IGT must be visible or your run MAY be rejected. -While NOT required, the run should start within at least a few seconds of the beginning of the video and should end after the credits or resetting to check your file, but it helps prove the run isn't cheated.

After submitting your run, please be patient as it could take a maximum of a week to view your submission as we moderators have priorities outside of speedrun.com. It is okay to let us know that you submitted your run but don't harass the mods about not getting your run accepted. Sometimes, we'll need other mods to view your submission as well.

Any further questions can be contacted through one of us privately or in our community discord server.

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