Novastorm level-by-level
Novastorm level-by-level
Updated 4 years ago by WMD_88

Here are the notes I put together when routing the game. It probably needs a little bit of revision, but unfortunately I don't really have time to work on it right now. Most notably, you can just mash X to skip whichever cutscenes are skip-able, without having to worry about accidental pausing (like with the Start button).

Novastorm Route Notes

Callinhor 1

-Can skip first cutscene but not second or third -Otherwise very straightforward -Boss cutscene skippable -When middle opens, briefly accessible on the left side but too short to be useful (or is it? :)). Just wait until you can get on the right side of the weapon. He stays in middle height.

Callinhor 2

-Cutscene not skippable. -Pillar order: left, left, right, left, left, center, right, right, right, right, left, right, left, left, center/right, left, right, right, left, right, right, right, right, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, right, left, right, left left right, right, left -Boss cutscene not skippable -Shoot at fiery thing, don't worry about its weapon (if you're accurate enough)

Callinhor 3

-Cutscene not skippable -Obstacles easy to avoid -Easiest boss in the game: all the way right, smart bomb.

Callinhor 4

-Cutscene not skippable -Pillar order: left, right, left, right center, right, left, right, right, right, right, left, left center, right, left -Going between the chains simply requires practice -Boss cutscene skippable? (confirm) -Shoot him in the mouth!

Quiggin 1

-First and third parts of cutscene skippable, but not second or fourth. -Inexplicable middle cutscene skippable. -Boss cutscene not skippable. -Boss can be shot in the ball (lol). Other sections of him might be weak but they are hard to reach.

Quiggin 2

-Cutscenes not skippable. -The boss has a REALLY fast one-cycle if you can smart-bomb him in the front really quickly. Otherwise, shoot the yellow lights on the back, and then he turns back around and lowers... another smart bomb.

Quiggin 3

-SHARK! -He first flies at you from the right, then swipes from the right edge, then the left edge. (Have to get a feel for the time.) Then after a while he comes at you from straight right again. -Cutscenes not skippable. -Boss starts in the center and then moves left and slightly up, then comes back center, then moves down slightly.

Quiggin 4

-Cutscenes not skippable (confirm). -Pillar order: right, left, right, right, right, left, left, under, under, under... right, right, left. -Boss has a crappy cycle. Weak spot on top (yellow) but doesn't work very well. Chip away at that and let him fly around, and then shoot his lower left corner. Try to finish him there. If not, just chip away at the top again.

Kallum Koll 1

-Disc swap! -First two cutscenes skippable but not third or fourth. -Pillars not really in play here as long as you stay away from the far edges. The only six close ones are easily avoided on their left, left, right, left, right, left. -Shoot boss in fiery top part. It spins, but weak spot does not shift.

Kallum Koll 2

-Cutscenes.... -Pillar order, first half: right, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, right, left, center, center, left, right, left, right, right. -Pillar order, second half: right, left, right, right, center, right, left, center, left. -Cutscene not skippable. -Scorpion boss: weak in crotch! But he wiggles down, up, down more, up....

Kallum Koll 3

-This level is evil. -The two giant waves require smart bombs to not die. You'll know them when they happen. -Boss cutscene not skippable. -Giant tiger. Weak spot seems to be mouth or space just to the left (or above/?) of it.

Kallum Koll 4

-Cutscene not skippable. -You can't damage the cockroach even though it looks AND sounds like you can. -Boss is weak on the yellow strip on his front, and the whole big part of his back. But he spins a lot, in both directions. No up or down movement though. Keep aiming for both spots. His first big spin is counter-clockwise and it alernates after that.

Space 1

-The asteroids are too hard to map out... just keep on top of them. -Cutscene after asteroid field is skippable. -Cutscene after going through the giant closing door is skippable. -Watch out for enemy wave right after that cutscene. Very easy to die. -Blue moving pillars: stay close to the center of the screen and you should be ok. -Boss has three phases, but they are independent of damage and they loop. -Spike ball is weak everywhere. -Second thingy is weak on the top, around that strip. -Third phase is weak in its middle sections, where missiles do not fire from. Don't bother avoiding the missles, it'll just take longer to kill him.

Space 2

-Cutscene is skippable. -Fairly straightforward, but difficult waves of enemies. Hang in there. -Boss cutscene is skippable. (Two parts?) -Boss is weak in the engines. They fly onto the screen but then leave, then come back for longer. After flying back on, he moves upwards a bit.

Space 3

-This level is evil. -Scarab X must be getting scared. The typical waves of enemies shoot REALLY strong shots and leave no power-ups. You'll probably die to a few of these. Move in circles. -Sometimes if you can kill them before they get off all their shots, you can survive. -Level is pretty short.

Scarab X

-Cutscenes leading up to him, and in between his movements, are skippable. -Can't shoot him right away. Too far back. -Boss has two forms: full body, then just the head. -Weak spots are his eyes and red center part. -His first shots are green stuff that you can get stuck to. Don't get on the outside of it. Just avoid it in a small circle in the center of the screen. -Just try to chip away at him while avoiding fire. See if you can end phase 1 before he backs away and starts flinging the spiky thing around. -Phase 2: just get the eyes. Should be easier because he comes close to you.

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