Rules update?
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Rules update?

Hey! I was retiming a friends run and I wanted to mention some trouble I was having based on the listed rules.

-Could we have frame rules stated for start/end times in the 'Category Rules'?

When I was timing, I had to watch some other runs to find out when the timing is supposed to end and start because none were defined in the rules.

I believe the start time is supposed to be the first frame the cursor appears, but Im not entirely sure on this

The end frame Im much less sure on:

I found some runs that end on the first frame the screen darkens after the last battle:

Others appear to end on the first frame the screen is fully black:

-Could we have legal/banned emulators stated?

The known allowed NES emulators are pretty well known by people, but for MS-DOS, MSX, Amiga, C64 I think it's a lot less so. So maybe at least a list of accepted emus would be good. Or is every non-smartphone emus accepted?

Thanks for hearing me out! Legs

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