Glitchless Categories Please?
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Glitchless Categories Please?
Texas, USA

Can we please have glitchless categories? I don't even want to bother speedrunning this game if it means I have to learn glitches I'd never normally use. The only thing I do that could be counted as a glitch is melee/jetpack, but that is so common that I think everyone does it, so I think maybe that should be allowed even in the glitchless category... Definitely wouldn't want people doing this analysis visor thing though. Just isn't natural and is really annoying to watch.

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Texas, USA

Aren't they duping stuff as well? Because that's a big no-no for me as well.

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Ontario, Canada

I can't speak for duping in runs in the current patch, but there are some heavy oversights in this game that are abused:

  • Underground Items spawning above ground (Tech Modules)
  • Direct warp to Anomaly, from setting it up off a separate save file (which adds an option otherwise not available from a New Game)
  • Scooting (resetting forward momentum over and over; set-up specific)

The amount of current interest in the game does not warrant a separation of categories into glitched/non-glitched, especially for the ones mentioned above that are arguably not glitches.

California, USA
He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
2 years ago

The only kinda iffy one is the direct warp, but everything else is kosher and not considered a glitch.

We are not considering a glitchless category at this time.